Are jade plants toxic to cats?

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Cats and jade plants have a long history of being a bad combination. It’s been known for cats to break off branches from the plant, chew on them, then vomit the remains all over the surrounding area. The cat will also sometimes eat pieces of jade plant that have fallen onto the floor or furniture. Ingestion can lead to vomiting, drooling, diarrhea and lethargy in some cases. If you suspect your pet has eaten any part of a jade plant call your vet immediately!

Are jade plants toxic to cats?
Photo by Mike Jones from Pexels

I find it very hard to believe that jade plants are toxic to cats. I have one in my apartment, and Zeus loves the thing! He chews on it all of the time, knocks off pieces of bark on a regular basis, takes cat naps under its little umbrella leaves. If this plant is so poisonous why does Zeus get away with doing all of that and always seems so happy and healthy?

Toxicity is not something to mess around with, though. If you’re worried about your furry friend having ingested even the smallest amount of jade plant, then don’t take any chances! Call your vet immediately. Your local ASPCA Animal Hospital is a great resource as well.

Jade plants may be poisonous to cats but it’s unlikely they will eat enough of it to become sick. Cats are so fastidious, they will not eat this plant unless there is nothing else to eat.

how to prevent your cat from eating your jade plants?

Easy, give it enough food you bad owner! ok, joke aside.

Please don’t blame the jade plant for your cat’s mischievous behavior. Pets chew on things because they like to, not because their food is insufficient. Cats are creatures of habit and they fear new things until they get used to them.

I have a jade plant at home and my cat sleeps under it every night! Cats love this type of vegetation, so don’t be concerned about your pet being exposed to the toxins in a jade plant. They’ll probably just leave it alone.

How do you know if your cat has been exposed to jade plants toxic?

If you own a cat and seem to be asking the question “are jade plants toxic to cats?” then chances are, your kitty has been exposed to the plant. If they have one of these beautiful houseplants it is likely that there was some contact with your feline friend.

When ingested, it could lead to vomiting and diarrhea but there won’t be any long-term effects. If you’re worried about exposure keep an eye on your cat for the next 24 hours for signs of stomach discomfort or yellowing in the eyes, gums, or whites if they might have licked the leaves.

So generally, is it safe to have jade plants and cats under the same roof?

This is a question best answered by your veterinarian. If you can have cats and jade plants in the same space it’s unlikely to be a problem, but if your cat has been known to chew on things, chances are they will chew on this plant too. Always contact a professional before adding any new plant life to your home.

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