10 Caladium Full Sun Lovers for the Sunny Garden Bed

Although caladiums are tropical houseplants that perform the greatest under warm and shady areas, numerous caladiums also crave direct sunlight. These caladium full sun sweethearts are not afraid to receive several hours of direct sunlight per day, as long as they’re accompanied by enough water and away from the scorching heat. Here we gather all the sun-tolerant caladiums you need to check out.

Caladium Full-sun Lovers

White Queen Caladium

White Queen Caladium

Plant Size: 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 centimeters) tall

White Queen is a marvelous albino caladium variety that displays ruffled, wing-shaped foliage with a white or greenish-white base, thin dark green edges, and dark flamingo-pink veins. They generally bloom during summer, however, sometimes it can be late or sooner. The unique color contrast of White Queen makes them great as companion plants with any other sun-loving plants. They can be grown in containers or pots as well.

Pink Beauty Caladium

caaladium Pink Beauty for full-sun garden

Plant Size: 18 to 22 inches (45 to 55 centimeters) tall

One of the most famous caladium varieties out there, Pink Beauty features ruffled, butterfly-shaped foliage that stuns with bright pink color, sheer magenta veins, and dark edges that could spread to each center. Moisture is what this caladium full sun likes, so if you’d like to bring them outdoors, give them plenty of mulch to restrain water. Pink Beauty can be used as part of flower arrangements to add a splash of pink to your floral displays.

Caladium Pink Symphony

Pink Symphony caladium full sun lovers garden

Plant Size: 10 to 12 inches ( centimeters) tall

This caladium full sun falls into the category of rare caladium, so you might want to take extra time to find one. With dramatic thin, heart-shaped foliage that adorns pale pink and dark green veins that extend to the edges, Pink Symphony is a perfect addition for any plant collector. This plant is not forgiving when it comes to over-watering and under-watering, but they need to stay moist. Decorate your home with Pink Symphony by thriving them in hanging baskets for a cascading effect.

Caladium Candidum

Candidum caladium full-sun garden

Plant Size: 15 to 18 inches (38 to 45 centimeters) tall

Another albino caladium variety to add besides the beautiful White Queen, the gorgeous Candidum features simple wing-shaped foliage with a white base and dark green veins that stretch to the edges. Although being part of caladium full sun, Candidum would struggle if exposed to much direct light, as it can be too harsh for their delicate foliage. Take advantage of Candidum by using them as eye-catching and unusual entrances to your home.

Postman Joyner Caladium

Postman Joyner caladium for full-sun garden

Plant Size: 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 centimeters) tall

This mind-blowing caladium variety features ruffled, butterfly-shaped foliage that comes in a variety of colors. They could be a mix of dark reddish-pink center and dark green edges or flamingo pink center with magenta veins and green edges. Postman Joyner enjoys slightly acidic and neutral soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Their striking color makes them great for props in any professional photo shoot.

Carolyn Worthon Caladium

carolyn whorton full sun loving

Plant Size: 24 to 30 inches (60 to 76 centimeters) tall

Carolyn Worthon is a notable caladium variety that dazzles with ruffled wing-shaped foliage. They feature a pale pink center with flamingo-pink veins and dark green edges, all blended with blotches of dark green on each edge. A diehard rich soil fan, it’s recommended to feed them balanced fertilizers during their growing season. Carolyn Worthon can be an extraordinary addition to tropical-themed garden beds.

Caladium Florida Sweetheart

florida sweetheart caladium full sun

Plant Size: 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 centimeters) tall

As sweet as its name, Florida Sweetheart mesmerizes with its fancy heart-shaped foliage that comes in a bubblegum pink center, dark magenta veins, and dark green edges. This plant goes dormant during winter, and it’s not recommended to give them water during this resting stage. The eye-catching color of Florida Sweetheart is suitable to be made as a colorful border plant

Red Flash Caladium

red flash sun loving caladium

Plant Size: 25 to 36 inches (63 to 91 centimeters) tall

Red Flash looks like a piece of art. This plant delights with ruffled, heart-shaped foliage that thrives in a dark magenta center and veins, along with dark or brighter shades of green edges. Red Flash has irregular white spots around the vining parts that differentiate them from any other caladium full sun variety. Give this tropical annual or perennial plenty of humidity with a minimum of 50%. Use Red Flash caladium to light up any special occasion. Whether it’s on your backyard or patio, the beauty of Red Flash surely will stun everyone’s gaze.

Red Ruffles Caladium

Red Ruffles Caladium full sun garden

Plant Size: 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38 centimeters) tall

Often mistaken with Postman Joyner for their similar color and pattern, Red Ruffles is a rare gem in the world of caladium variety that features glossy foliage. Plus thing to add, this pretty caladium full sun has a bright red or dark reddish-pink center with dark green edges. The red color of Red Ruffles is more prominent than their green ones. When grown outdoors, protect their delicate leaves from the danger of frost by covering them in blankets, sheets, or towels. Add some mulch to keep moisture and lower the water intake. To get more creative, you can use Red Ruffles to create stunning vertical gardens.

Aaron Caladium

Aaron caladium love full sun garden

Plant Size: 22 to 24 inches (55 to 60 centimeters) tall

Last but certainly not least, we got one more albino and notable caladium variety. Aaron caladium features pointed heart-shaped foliage in a simple yet dramatic color pattern. Made of a white center and prominent white veins, this caladium full sun also comes with dark green, bright green, or pale white-green edges that create such stunning color contrast. They prefer loamy soil that holds moisture excellently. With Aaron Caladium on your hand, it’s a great idea to create a caladium garden that is a combination of a colorful and diverse selection of varieties.

Caladium Direct Sunlight vs Partial Sun: Which One’s the Best?

When it comes to picking the best houseplant, there’s no exact answer to which one is the best. Depending on your location, climate, and individual plant needs, caladium full sun might be more suitable for you than the shade-loving ones. Caladiums, no matter what their sunlight requirements are, are gorgeous aroids that feature a broad color and pattern with a minimal maintenance routine.

Picking the Right Sun-Loving Caladiums

To wrap things up, caladium full sun is a variety of caladium that tolerates direct sunlight with an array of colors, patterns, and sizes. Avoid extreme heat to prevent leaf scorching. With proper maintenance and under the right growing conditions, these sun-loving caladiums can add a vibrant touch to your landscape.

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