Flower That Symbolizes Strong Woman

Since the Middle Ages, flower has long been correlated with women. Whether it’s in art or literature, flowers have been parts as objects that strongly attribute femininity. Although strength is heavily linked to a man’s trait, some flowers imply strong women. With the wide variety of flowers, some convey love, purity, and sadness. In the following discussion, we will dip into flower that symbolizes strong woman. Some of these captivating blossoms that represent strong women are even good as cut flowers too! So let’s get started.

Flower That Means Strong Women


Bougainvillea flower that symbolizes strong woman

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea

Growing Zone: 9 to 10

Blooming Time: Fall, spring, summer, winter

Soil: Loam, sand, good drainage

Water: Only water when needed, occasionally dry

Bougainvillea or the ‘paper flower’ is native to tropical and warm areas of Southern America. They are part of the Nyctaginaceae or the four o’clock family, because of this plant’s unique trait that won’t bloom until it’s late afternoon.

What’s unique about bougainvillea?

When it comes to symbolism, the delicate bougainvillea is one of the perfect choices as a flower that symbolizes strong woman, protection, and also a passion for relationships. A Venezuelan actress, Eliana Lopez, even said that bougainvilleas are flowers for strong women! This also can be linked to the flower’s traits itself, where bougainvilleas are resistant to drought, heat, dry soil, and salty soil. 


Coneflower flower that means strong women

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

Growing Zone: 3 to 8

Blooming Time: Summer

Soil: Adaptable to most soil but prefers sandy or loam with high organic matter soil

Water: Regular watering, keep the soil moist and occasionally dry

This purple aster is an attractive snack for most pollinators. Coneflower comes in a broad variety of tones, ranging from yellow, orange, white, and pink to red–but the most well-known are the purple ones. They are easy to grow and famous for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties.

What’s unique about coneflowers?

As gorgeous as their look and as beneficial as hibiscuses, coneflowers also carry a meaningful message. This flower that symbolizes strong woman, health, and well-being is often used as a gift during International Women’s Day. Whether it’s as part of medicine, bouquet, or vase flowers, coneflowers create superb cut and dried flowers.


Daylily flower that represents strong woman

Botanical Name: Hemerocallis hybrida

Growing Zone: 3 to 9

Blooming Time: Summer

Soil: Loam, clay, sandy with good drainage

Water: Regular watering, about once a week

Daylilies are notorious for their trumpet-shaped blooms and joyful colors, with a spark of bright yellow, orange, pink, red, lavender, burgundy, and white. They are easy to maintain and thrive well if you keep them outdoors, where they can fully bath under the warm sunlight.

What’s unique about daylilies?

Generally, aside from being a flower that symbolizes strong woman, the daylily is also notable as a gift for Mother’s Day. In China, this pollinator-magnet flower represents a child’s love for their mother.

Common Lantana


Botanical Name: Lantana camara

Growing Zone: 7 to 11

Blooming Time: Fall, summer

Soil: Thrive well in any kind of soil with high organic matter

Water: Keep regular watering, about one inch of water for one week

You’ll fall in love with the common lantana at the first sight. This tropical perennial flowering plant has a cluster of tiny, fragrant blooms with a mix of numerous hues–it could be magenta with yellow and orange blossoms, yellow with white, red centers, and many others!

What’s unique about the common lantana?

Because of their resistance to many challenges such as deer, heat, and drought, the common lantana has been seen as a flower that represents strong woman as well as masculine energy, that is strength. Because of their feminine look, the common lantana also can be seen in arts and paintings that portray women.


Narcissus flower that symbolizes strong woman

Botanical Name: Narcissus 

Growing Zone: 4 to 8

Blooming Time: Spring, winter

Soil: Loam, high organic matter, well-draining

Water: Regular watering about twice a week

Also known as daffodils or jonquils, narcissus is named after Narcissus, a Greek Mythology who was said to have fallen in love with his own reflection. This plant is a major attraction to butterflies and has more than 200 different cultivars

What’s unique about narcissus?

Narcissus is a flower that means strong women, creativity, forgiveness, and inspiration. It is a flower that is popularly given worldwide during the celebration of International Women’s Day, as well as Mother’s Day too.



Botanical Name: Zinnia

Growing Zone: 3 to 10

Blooming Time: Fall, spring, summer

Soil: Loam, clay, sand

Water: About one inch of water for one week to keep the soil moist

Zinnia is the classic choice for those who love an old-fashioned look in their garden. They bloom in such cheerful colors, from bright red, yellow, pink, and purple to white, get ready to change your landscape into a magical place that pollinators would go crazy for.

What’s unique about zinnias?

Zinnia is a tough plant that can grow in almost every hardiness zone. They endure most disturbance that is coming from deer, rabbits, heat, and black walnut–thus this is a flower that symbolizes strong woman, endurance, and long-lasting friendship. They are also flawless go-to flowers to celebrate Women’s Day.


Amaryllis flower that means strong women

Botanical Name: Amaryllis

Growing Zone: 8 to 11

Blooming Time: Spring, summer, winter

Soil: Well-drained, high organic matter

Water: Regular watering, once a week

Also known as the bella donna lily, which means beautiful woman in Italian, amaryllis is a flowering plant native to South Africa. Their massive, showy blossoms with bright red, crimson, burgundy, pink, and white tones are notable as Christmas presents.

What’s unique about amaryllis?

This marvelous flower is believed to convey the message of pride and determination, as well as a flower that symbolizes strong woman. Amaryllis is also durable as they can thrive in rocky areas, where it would be hard for most flowering plants to get a full nutrient.

Surprise Lily

Surprise Lily flower that represents strong woman

Botanical Name: Lycoris squamigera

Growing Zone: 5 to 9

Blooming Time: Fall, summer

Soil: Sand, loam, high organic matter and well-drained

Water: Keep moderate watering during the growing season, prefers moist soil after

The surprise lily is a splendid yet interesting flower from the amaryllis family. They produce only foliage during spring, go into a hibernation phase, and then will surprise you when they come back with breathtaking pink and lavender blossoms during the next fall–thus they got the name the surprise lily.

What’s unique about surprise lilies?

This easy-to-maintain flower that symbolizes strong woman also carries the message of the start of a new beginning and enlightenment. A native habitat to East Asia, the surprise lily came first to the United States during the 1800s and was mistaken for amaryllis because of their striking resemblance. That was pretty understandable since surprise lily is a close distance to amaryllis.


Mimosa flower that symbolizes strong woman

Botanical Name: Mimosa pudica

Growing Zone: 6 to 10

Blooming Time: Spring, summer

Soil: Loam, sand, well-drained, moist

Water: Keep regular watering, about once inch for one week

Commonly known as the touch-me-not or sensitive flower, mimosa is noted as part of a thigmonastic plant–where they will close their foliage when touched. Mimosas produce round-shaped, fluffy, yellow, or lavender blooms that consist of clusters of tiny stamen-like petals and a bright yellow center. 

What’s unique about mimosa flowers?

When it comes to a flower that symbolizes strong woman, we can safely say that mimosa is the ultimate representation of it. In Italy, mimosa is the symbol of women because of their delicacy yet strong ability to grow. This uniquely-shaped flower is usually given as a gift by men to women during Italy’s National Women’s Day.



Botanical Name: Gladiolus

Growing Zone: 7 to 10

Blooming Time: Fall, summer

Soil: Well-drained, high organic matter

Water: Regular watering, at least one inch per week

The mighty gladiolus flower has a special spot in every Roman’s heart. It’s believed that gladiolus was the flower that the gladiator wore during the Roman Era’s vicious Gladiator Battles. The scientific name of this fragrant, colorful, and edible flower is derived from the Latin word for sword.

What’s unique about gladiolus flowers?

A popular pick for vase flowers for its blooms’ tone and arrangement, gladiolus is a flower that symbolizes strong woman and man–the absolute personification of strength itself! If you want to send a present for your loved ones who were born in August, make sure to bring gladiolus as part of your birthday surprise.

Wrapping Up: Flower That Represents Strong Woman

The flower that symbolizes strong woman are generally relevant to their unique growing habit, their resistance to certain growing challenges, or their interesting background history. In today’s era, showing your gratitude and love to your beloved woman will be ten times easier with the help of these beautiful flowering plants.

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