What Roots Absorb From The Soil?

The root is the lifeline of any plant, as they depend heavily on their root system. The healthier the root is, the healthier your plants get! But what do roots absorb from the soil? How do the roots assist your plant to get all the vital things for its life? Let’s go find out!

What do roots absorb from the soil?

First things first, there are two types of the main root system, the taproot system, and the fibrous root system. The taproot system is a massive thick central root that grows vertically deep down the soil. Some plants including carrots, dandelions, and balloon flowers have this kind of root system. 

What do roots absorb from the soil
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In contrast to the taproot system, the fibrous root system has thin, smaller, and branching roots, usually with the same size and length. The fibrous root system has no central root. The beautiful marigolds, daylilies, and orchids are the perfect illustration for this. 

So what do roots absorb from the soil? Not different from any other living beings, plants need all the beneficial minerals and nutrients as their source of food. It’s the minerals such as primary nitrogen, potassium, and calcium, along with additional secondary nutrients like zinc, chlorine, and copper that the roots absorb from the soil

The root absorption process of minerals and nutrients from the soil comes into three different movements. First is the root interception. This happens when the minerals and nutrients, e.g. from fertilizers, get directly in contact with the topsoil surface. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc are mostly absorbed during the root interception movement.

Next is the mass flow movement. This movement occurs when minerals and nutrients are absorbed into the soil by water movements, such as transpiration and evaporation. Calcium, nitrogen, copper, and sulfur are passed to the root by the mass flow movement.

Last is the diffusion movement, when the minerals and nutrients move to the root surface in response to the concentration slope. The diffusion movement transports significant amounts of zinc, iron, phosphorus, and potassium to the roots. Accordingly, the exact answer of what do roots absorb from the soil is the minerals and nutrients intake from different soil to root movements. The diffusion movement is relatively slow in comparison to the mass flow and root interception movements.

How does water move from roots to leaves?

Adventitious Root Plants

We’ve solved one puzzle, nutrients and minerals are what do roots absorb from the soil. But how about water? How do plants, especially the ones that can successfully thrive until 30 meters high or more, transport water from the bottom part of the soil to their highest foliage?

Water and minerals are like two sides of a coin. They’re both being absorbed from the ground by root hairs, and the process does not stop right there. After being absorbed by the root hairs, water then enters the root cells through a process called osmosis. The osmosis process occurs not only in the roots but also all over the plant’s body. Furthermore, the water will be moved to the xylem, the plant’s vascular tissue that is responsible for transporting water and nutrients to the whole plant’s body.

Expert Gardener Tip #1: How to fix a root bound?

At this point, it’s safe to say that roots are like the heart of any plant–as water, minerals, and nutrients are what do roots absorb from the soil. In the world of plants, root-related problems often arise in the root bound. This problem usually takes place when the plant matures, as it will produce more roots that outgrow its growing space, e.g. containers and pots. 

To address the root-bound problem, you’ll need a bigger growing space and repot your plant as soon as possible. Loosen and untangle the bounded roots carefully using your hands, sterilized knife, or gardening shears. Move the plant to its new growing space. To prevent the root-bound problem, it’s advisable to move your plant to do the process since at the start of its blooming season, during spring and summer.

Expert Gardener Tip #2: How to increase nutrient intake in plants?

When we talk about what do roots absorb from the soil, it feels kind of incomplete if we don’t discuss increasing the nutrient intake. After all, that’s what the plant’s root roles are! To increase and improve nutrient intake, the step is pretty easy but not less crucial. First and foremost, make sure you’ve provided enough light for your plant. Plants are not created equally. Some love indirect light, some thrive only under full sunlight. Adjust the light requirements based on what kind of plant you’re growing.

Next, improve the soil quality. Make sure the soil is well-aerated with a good drainage system. Don’t forget to alter the pH level. Remember that not all flowering plants are like hydrangeas, which have adapted well to both acidic and alkaline soil.

Expert Gardener Tip #3: How to keep a healthy root?

A healthy root is very paramount for all plants. Maintaining a well and disease-free root is not as complicated as you think. Here’s how:

Control your watering and fertilizing schedule

Although water and favorable nutrients like manganese are what do roots absorb from the soil, too much water and fertilizers can do more harm to the plant. Limit the water and fertilizer intake depending on what your plant needs. Never tempted to give the plant water and fertilizer more than it should be.

Keep the right temperature and humidity

Plants like aroids love the humid but warm temperature, while flowering plants like primrose and cornflowers are the Divas during the cold season. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to always check out your growing zones and the plant’s general information before deciding to bring them home.

Wind Up: What do roots absorb from the soil?

Water, minerals, and nutrients are the primary source of food and energy that the roots absorb from the soil. All these beneficial materials are then distributed by the plant’s vascular tissue called the xylem. If you like this post about what do roots absorb from the soil, don’t forget to check out the other articles about all things plant. Happy Gardening!

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