The Alluring Purple Poppy Flower Meaning

You’ve probably heard of the red poppy, but have you ever heard of the purple poppy? No, it’s not a new trendy hair color, it’s a stunning flower with a fascinating history and message! While they might not be as popular as their white and red counterparts, the purple poppy flower meaning holds a special place for those who not only celebrate Remembrance Day but also honor special days such as weddings. So let’s join us as we explore the unique significance of the purple poppy flower!

Purple Poppy Flower meaning

Purple Poppy Flower Meaning

Along with red and white poppies, purple poppies are often used to honor Remembrance Day but they do carry different meanings. Purple poppy flowers are used to commemorate the sacrifice of animals in war, such as horses and dogs, who also played an important role in military operations.

During this difficult time, animals were exposed to the same danger as their human companions, and many of them were injured, suffered from trauma, or even killed. In contrast to the red poppy, the purple poppy flower’s meaning is not about the sacrifices of soldiers but rather honors the contribution of animals in war.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Purple Poppy Flower?

Some spiritual practitioners believe the purple poppy flower is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which is located in the center of the forehead. The third Eye Chakra is connected to the clarity of thought and spiritual insight, the purple poppy flower meaning is often associated with a similar message of higher consciousness.

Moreover, due to their natural color, purple poppies are also believed to enhance relaxation and have a calming effect. These traits are often linked with the purpose of meditation, to connect with the spiritual realm.

How Did Purple Poppies Become a Symbol of Luxury?

Purple Poppy Flower's meaning

Most purple flowers and the purple poppy flower are not an exception and have long been a symbol of luxury, higher social status, and elegance. This connection is not a new one. In the past, purple was a difficult color to produce, making it a rare and expensive commodity that not everyone can afford.

The process of extracting the purple dye, which was made by a rare sea snail called Murex snail, was also complex and time-consuming! This background history and exclusivity make the purple poppy flower meaning to be cited with nobility. Living in a modern era, however, allows us to enjoy the beauty of the purple poppy flower although this wealth association still lingers.

Can You Use Purple Poppies For Wedding Arrangements? 

Purple poppies are not entirely tied to sacrifice, spirituality, and prosperity. They can also be used in a variety of other contexts, including wedding arrangements. Aesthetically speaking, their deep and rich color can complement other flowers with different hues, such as white roses, creating a simple yet eye-catching color scheme.

In more romantic and intimate occasions, the purple poppy flower meaning can also represent devotion, passion, and strength, making them a perfect flower addition for incorporating a memorable atmosphere for the newlyweds and their guests.

Are Purple Poppies Rare?

Purple Poppy Flower Meaning

Compared to the other varieties, purple poppies, like their blue cousin, are considered a rare gem in the world of plants. Although a popular color, purple poppy flowers are not commonly found in gardening beds as they can be quite challenging to propagate from seeds and they do not always produce flowers in abundance. In the language of flowers, the purple poppy flower meaning further emphasizes the idea of the importance of cherishing rare and special moments in life.

Does Purple Poppy Flower Need a Lot of Water?

Similar to most flowering plants, purple poppy flowers require regular watering to thrive and to restrain moisture in their soil. However, water requirements depend on numerous factors, such as climate, soil type, temperature, and the amount of light they get daily. 

For established purple poppies, it’s recommended to water them deeply and infrequently, about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) of water per week. Do not leave their soil to be completely dry. Newly planted purple poppy flowers need more frequent watering, about five to six times a week, just until the plant starts to develop roots and become more tolerant of drought.

The Takeaway: What Do Purple Poppies Signify?

From remembrance, luxury, and rarity, the purple poppy flower meaning sure is rich and diverse. Despite being rare and challenging to produce, purple poppies can still be used in a wide range of contexts, including at weddings and engagement parties. The purple poppy flower’s meaning is a reminder of the depth of symbolic language and the beauty that can be found even in the rarest things.

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