10 Green Caladium Varieties For Extraordinary Garden

Are you ready to change your garden to be the envy of every garden enthusiast with green caladium varieties? The luscious green hues of caladium varieties are not only aesthetically appealing but also like a refreshing breath of fresh air that invites you to serene tranquility. In this section, we gather up some green caladium types worth your consideration. Have you grabbed your pen and notes yet? If so, let’s check them out!

Green Caladium Types

White Christmas

green caladium White Christmas

Plant Size: 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 centimeters) tall

These dark green caladium varieties not only feature heart-shaped foliage, but also white color as their main focal point. Liven up to their name, White Christmas caladium could be a flawless addition for your fancy Christmas decorating time, as their foliage color and shape get along with Christmas-themed plants like amaryllis. They prefer shady areas over bright, sunny areas to keep their delicate foliage away from being scorched.


Aaron caladium green varieties

Plant Size: 22 to 24 inches (55 to 60 centimeters) tall

For some, Aaron Caladium may seem like the same as White Christmas as both feature similar color patterns, but they certainly are not. This fancy-leaved caladium has dark green edges that are more bold-looking, along with white veins that blend well with their white center. This plant tolerates areas with partial and dappled light. To add, Aaron Caladium can be used as part of border plants, which could help add some color and texture to the scenery.

Seafoam Pink

Seafoam Pink green caladium varieties

Plant Size: 20 inches (50 centimeters) tall

Seafoam Pink is a member of the newest caladium cultivars. Although they got that pink nickname, these rare green caladium varieties feature a more bright green color that comes with a slightly white center and veins. Seafoam Pink will also stun you with a splash of dark pink color and their ease of growing outdoors. Use them to add greenery to a patio or balcony for a more interesting and dynamic look. Place them in fertile, slightly acidic soil.


caladium gingerland green varieties

Plant Size: 15 to 18 inches (38 to 45 centimeters) tall

Gardeners who love compact decorative foliage plants, this one’s for you! These green caladium varieties feature ruffled heart-shaped foliage that grows not only in green but also in white. Gingerland has blots of dark brown, giving a fairy-tale-like visual interest. They like to be kept moist and warm to perform better. Try to incorporate them into an art-inspired garden to create an enchanting atmosphere.

Red Flash

 Red Flash

Plant Size: 24 to 30 inches (60 to 76 centimeters) tall

Stunning bright or dark green leaves and reddish-pink veins and center make Red Flash a perfect color-contrasting caladium variety. Thrive mostly anywhere from full sun to partial shade, this plant is ideal to be grown in small growing spaces like containers and pots. Pair them with colorful flowers such as Anthurium to create a more eye-catching color contrast.

Scarlet Pimpernel

Scarlet Pimpernel caladium with green shade leaves

Plant Size: 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 centimeters) tall

These green caladium varieties stun with magenta veins and center. Generally, Scarlet Pimpernel features green hues that range from lime green to brighter green. Incorporate them into a tropical-themed landscape to make that exotic display. Scarlet Pimpernel thrives in consistently warm temperatures. Keep their soil fertile and well-drained, and they will grant you an abundance of lush foliage throughout the growing season. 


Caladium Wildfire

Plant Size: 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50 centimeters) tall

These green caladium varieties develop heart-shaped foliage with ruffled edges. Wildfire produces deep dark green margins with outstanding magenta veins and center, surrounded by slight white pigmentation. They can be grown indoors with an adequate daily dose of bright and indirect light. Creating a calming green oasis in your indoor living space with Wildfire Caladium is possible! 


Rosebud green caladium varieties

Plant Size: 18 to 20 inches (45 to 50 centimeters) tall

The dramatic dark green edges that blend well with the white center and dark pink veins make Rosebud one of the most popular Caladium types. These green caladium varieties are fans of warm growing spaces, but keep them from bright and direct light as it can be too warm for their delicate leaves. More interesting things you can do with Rosebud? It’s fine to create a lush green backdrop for your next photoshop and appreciate how photogenic these plants are.

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost green caladium

Plant Size: 18 to 24 inches ( centimeters) tall

No, Grey Ghost is not something that will terrify you. On the contrary, Grey Ghost would create a magnificent duo chromatic landscape with only green and white colors! However, similar to its cousin, Aaron Caladium, it can be tricky to differentiate them at first. The first thing you should inspect is their color pattern. These green caladium varieties feature grayish-green edges with a white center and more prominent white veins. 

Florida Cardinal

Florida Cardinal

Plant Size: 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 centimeters) tall

Looking for a luxurious touch in your nursery? The Florida Cardinal is your exact answer! These green caladium varieties feature bright red or reddish-pink centers that under light exposure, could be as red as a cardinal’s robe. Water the plant regularly, especially during extreme heat and drought. Florida Cardinal is a true friend for gardeners with limited growing space.

Can You Self-Propagate Green Caladium Varieties?

Absolutely! You can self-propagate these breathtaking plants using tuber division, which is the recommended propagation process for most caladiums. Tuber is a round or oblong-shaped, thick underground stem, usually dark brown or tan, that store’s lots of nutrients. This propagation process is typically done during spring or early summer when the plant is actively growing. 

Is It Possible To Get Pink Color From the Green Caladium Varieties?

Unfortunately, no. In plants, coloration is determined by genetics and inherited from its parent plants. Unless the green caladium type also has pink coloration in it, it’s nearly impossible to get a pink coloration in caladium varieties that only thrive in green and white colors.

Are Green Caladium Varieties Prone To Leggy Growth?

Although leggy growth is not a usual problem in the world of caladiums, this issue might come when the plant is not receiving enough light or is not being properly taken care of. To prevent leggy or sparse growth, be sure to provide them with plenty of bright, indirect light.

How To Overwinter Green Caladiums?

Overwintering is a term that refers to protecting and moving the plants from the harsh winter season so they could survive until the next spring. To overwinter the green caladium varieties, the simplest way you can is to move them indoors that have warmer temperatures during winter.

Wrapping Up

With a broad choice of color variations from cardinal red to ‘ghostly’ grayish-white, these green caladium varieties could easily grab anyone’s heart. While they’re famous for being easy to take care of, it’s worth noting to always provide them with proper lightning, water, and potting mix to let them showcase that burst of color in the next season.

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