How to grow Air plants or Tillandsia easily

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Air plants: Growing air plants is not a tough task for any one because the maintenance are low and at the same time it wont required much space. Even you can cover the air plants across the home because air plants in indoor gardening does not require soil.The roots can anchor in anywhere like floor, tiles and an object. 

Indoor Gardening – Air Plants are also called as “Tillandsia”.  It is also called as Epiphyte or Aerophytes.These varieties of Bromeliad plants can grow in telephone wires and buildings lines etc. Tillandsia are not parasitic,depends a host or support to grow.

tillandsia indoor plants

what is air plants or tillandsia

Tillandsia are over 500 varieties and its spread across the forest, deserts of Mexico and United States..

Tillandsias can grow without any fertilizers. The Leaves in the plants are the source to grow the plants. It will absorb the water from the air and it requires bright light to get other essential nutrients. Direct sunlight is strictly avoided in indoor gardening air plants. You can keep these plants in home where you have bright windows.

If the place you are staying is don’t have brighter windows to keep Tillandsia you can use grow lights. I would suggest a small pot is good to grow the air plants in indoor gardening. Its easy to hand somewhere and weekly once you can directly dip in to water is more good to get the nutrient equally and to yield a maximum results. You can grow flowers and herbals in the indoor gardening air plants. When i surf in google i found that people are in north america are growing Tillandsia to sell the flowers in nearby shops. Its good to earn too.

air plant is he best indoor plant to give your room green touch

Steps to make multiple Tillandsia or Air plants in indoor gardening:

  • Step 1: Wait for the pup until the child plant to grow like a mother plants.
  • Step 2: Take a sharp knife and cut from the anchors of the roots from the mother plant
  • Step 3: Host the plant to get a strong support to grow. either behind a bright window or grow under light
  • step 4 : Spray water until the root get anchors in that place.
  • Step 5 : Use bromeliad fertilizers after 3 weeks. Using bromeliad fertilizers should be once in a two month. This will help for strong blooming to get multiple tillandsia plants very quickly. Using bromeliad fertilizers are not mandatory but this will help for strong reproduction

Indoor gardening – Air plants can grow in the moderate temperature from 50 Fahrenheit to 90 Fahrenheit. Very few varieties of tillandsia plants can surive up to -10 Celsius.

Tillandsia: Thinner leafed types of indoor gardening plants are suitable for cool and rainy areas and thicker leafed types for dry areas.

The most advantages of the air plants in indoor gardening is – Tillandsia ingredients are the best medicine for pollen allergies.

How to grow Air plants or Tillandsia easily

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