All You Need To Know About Caladium Aaron

We all may agree that Caladium Aaron or Fancy Aaron Caladium is one of the most eye-catching caladium varieties out there. Featuring albino white and dark green color, this fancy-leaved caladium is a perfect addition to almost any shady garden. However, as with any plant, they require proper maintenance to thrive and maintain their stunning look. How to take care of Caladium Aaron? Are the growing requirements any different than their pink and red counterparts? We’ll go find out!

All You Need To Know About Caladium Aaron

Basic Fancy Aaron Caladium Info

Common Name(s)Fancy Aaron Caladium, Caladium Fancy Aaron
Scientific NameCaladium ‘Aaron’
Plant FamilyAraceae
Country of OriginCentral and South America
Natural HabitatTropical and subtropical regions, tropical rainforests
SizeApproximately 24 to 26 inches (60 to 66 cm) wide and high
Toxicity LevelModerately toxic only if large quantities are eaten
Color(s)Milky white, dark green
Flower ShapeSmall, arum-like flowers

Why Is Caladium Aaron Favored By Most Plant Enthusiasts?

Aaron caladium

Similar to most caladium varieties, Fancy Aaron Caladium is prized for its outstanding foliage shape and color pattern. Their ease of maintenance is also what’s making this white and dark green caladium variety widely thrive in both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Foliage and Blooms Appearance

Caladium Aaron features heart-shaped foliage that is more ovate than elongated. The color pattern of this variety is unique. Caladium Aaron has dark green or dark mint green edges with a milky white center and veins.

The white color of this plant takes up to 70% part of the foliage, where the white veins are most of the time not too noticeable as they blend well with the center part. Caladium Aaron produces the typical arum-like tiny blossoms, with pale yellow spadix and white spathe. Nonetheless, Caladium Aaron seldom produces blossoms and they generally grow as decorative foliage plants.

Size and Growth

Caladium Aaron is considered a compact-sized variety that is also more moderate-growing. This white and green fancy-leaved caladium grows and spreads to only about 26 inches (66 centimeters), and mostly takes a few weeks to a few months to fully reach its mature stage. To add, the growth rate of Fancy Aaron Caladium depends on many factors, such as light, temperature, humidity, and soil.

Does Caladium Fancy Aaron Have Fragrance?

No, Caladium Aaron is not known for producing fragrances. Other than the fresh, earthy smell that is common in houseplants, this plant has no particular aroma so they’re safe for those who are sensitive to fragrance.

Is Caladium Aaron and Caladium White Wonder The Same Plant?

No, Caladium Fancy Aaron and Caladium White Wonder are two different varieties that share similar color patterns, making them sometimes mistakenly identified as the same plant. Caladium White Wonder features ruffled heart-shaped foliage that is slightly more elongated. Although producing dark green and white color as Caladium Aaron, the presence of dark green edges in Caladium White Wonder is more narrow. Caladium White Wonder also has dark magenta veins and dots located at each upper center.

How To Safely Avoid the Toxicity of Caladium Aaron?

All parts of Caladium Aaron are toxic, so it’s highly recommended to educate yourself and your family members before getting one. If possible, plant them away from children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion. Wear protective gloves when handling the plant and its soil to prevent skin irritation and avoid the plant from getting in contact with sensitive areas such as the mouth and eyes.

What Can You Do With Fancy Aaron Caladium?

Aside from being a gorgeous indoor and outdoor houseplant, Caladium Fancy Aaron can be a memorable gift for loved ones. The unique color pattern of Caladium Aaron also makes this plant a beautiful focal point in shade gardens. Even more, the foliage of Fancy Aaron Caladium can be used as part of flower arrangements to add more texture and color contrast.

The Complete Caladium Aaron Care Guide

Aaron caladium size


Fancy Aaron Caladium prefers bright, indirect light or filtered light over anything. They can survive two to six hours of direct light per day but take note that the light should never be too harsh and too warm, as this can lead to burning leaves. Early morning light or afternoon shade is the ideal example of this. It can also perform under lower light conditions but this too will affect their growth to be less vigorous than usual. When grown indoors, make sure to never place the Caladium Fancy Aaron directly through the window as this can also result in leaves scorching. 


Proper watering is predominant for Caladium Aaron. This variety loves moist soil but doesn’t like being waterlogged. Overwatering your Caladium Aaron is just as bad as underwatering them. During the growing season, give the plant water about once or twice a week, when the top inch of the topsoil dries. Make sure all the excess water drains out evenly. During the winter season, Caladium Aaron mostly went dormant, so it’s time to reduce the amount of watering but do not let the soil be completely dry either.

Temperature and Humidity

As a resident of subtropical and tropical regions, Caladium Aaron prefers warm and humid environments to thrive. The ideal temperature range for this white and green fancy-leaved caladium is anywhere between 65°F (18°C) to 85°F (29°C). Keep the plant away from sudden temperature drops as this can lead to the plant’s stress and unwanted dormancy.

Caladium Aaron is a fan of high humidity, where a humidity level of 60% to 80% is best for them. To increase humidity, you can take advantage of humidifiers, replace them in areas where higher humidity is present, or simply mist the plant with water.

During winter, move Caladium Fancy Aaron indoors and place them in warmer and more humid areas. If grown outdoors, you can increase humidity and temperature by covering the Caladium Aaron using blankets or frost clothes, applying a layer of mulch, or using heat lamps to maintain a warmer and more humid environment.


Caladium Aaron performs greatly in well-draining soil that is high in humus. A slightly acidic soil, preferably in a loamy or sandy texture, with balanced parts of orchid bark, peat moss, and perlite is all you need. Use an aroid potting mix to ensure good drainage, hold moisture, as well as provide well aeration.


Fertilizing is important for the growth of Caladium Aaron, however, too many fertilizers can do more harm than good. The best time to feed the plant fertilizer is during their growing months which begin usually in early spring to summer. Reduce the frequency of fertilizing during fall and winter, where Caladium Aaron would likely go dormant.


Caladium Aaron can be propagated through division, by separating the plant’s tubers into smaller sections and planting each section in individual potting soil. It’s recommended to perform this propagation method during the plant’s dormant period.

Repotting and Pruning

Repotting Caladium Aaron is important to ensure that the plant has enough room to grow and to refresh the soil. The best time to repot Caladium Aaron is right before their growing season or during their ‘resting’ season. Pick a new planter that is one or two sizes larger than the previous one with enough drainage holes.

On the other side, pruning Caladium Aaron is not necessary as this plant is not a bushy type. However, Fancy Aaron Caladium still takes advantage of pruning to maintain its shape, encourage leaf growth, and prevent spreading infections. Remember to always use clean, disinfected gardening shears or scissors for this process.

Common Problems

Caladium Aaron is susceptible to problems such as pest infestations, fungal-related diseases, root rot, yellowing or ‘crispy’ leaves, and wilting. These problems can be the result either of human error (e.g. overwatering, over-fertilizing) or a bad growing environment. To prevent these problems, one of the easiest yet very important steps is to ensure that you’re providing the Caladium Aaron with the proper maintenance routine.

How To Maintain Caladium Aaron In A Nutshell

Keeping your Caladium Aaron healthy and thriving in a pleasing lush state is not a difficult task. By providing the right amount of bright and indirect sun, warm temperature, and high humidity, along with slightly acidic soil that holds moisture and is not waterlogged, Caladium Aaron can thrive in almost any landscape.

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