Philodendron Florida 101: How Many Types Of Them

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If you’re a fan of variegated plants, you may have heard about the striking beauty of Philodendron Florida. Widely known as the Florida Ghost plant, Philo Florida is a hybrid plant of Philodendron pedatum and Philodendron squamiferum, created by a Floridian botanist, Robert McColley.

In general the types of Philodendron Florida are: Philodendron Florida Ghost, Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint, Philodendron Florida Beauty, Philodendron Florida Green, Philodendron Florida Bronze, Philodendron Florida Compacta, Philodendron Florida Rudolph, Philodendron Florida Juvenile.

The genius McColley also invented another Philodendron variegated species named after him, the Philodendron McColley’s Finale, with beautiful orange, golden, and red foliage color. But how exactly many types of Philodendron Florida are there? Are they all easy to maintain? Let’s take a look!

Philodendron Florida 101: How Many Types Of Them
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Philodendron Florida Cultivars

Philodendron Florida cultivated species are rather known for their foliage color and shape, which resemble a flying ghost or the ghost emoji. Although some of them only differ in color, there are types of Philo Florida with non-flying ghost-shaped foliage. They may be less popular, but not less gorgeous!

Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron Florida Ghost vs Florida Beauty

Also known as the Florida Ghost plant, this is the most notable cultivated species of Philo Florida. The young Florida Ghost have flying ghost-shaped, milky white-green foliage that darkens as they mature.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint

If you’re wondering, the Philo Florida Ghost Mint is the same as the Philo Florida Ghost but marketed as a different plant as they produce different foliage colors. As the name states, Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint produces light lime or light bright green foliage.

Philodendron Florida Beauty

Philodendron Florida 101: How Many Types Of Them

Often confused with Philodendron Florida Ghost and Mint, the easiest way to differentiate these three beauties is by looking at their foliage color and markings. Philo Florida Beauty has the same tone as the Florida Ghost and Florida Mint plant, but the milky white green, light green, or light lime green color splashed only part half of the foliage.

Philodendron Florida Green

Philodendron Florida Green

Philo Florida Green’s color and foliage shape will drastically change as the plant matures. It changes from deep dark green to a lighter shade of green, and the foliage shape will be more ovate-shaped. 

Philodendron Florida Bronze

Philodendron Florida 101: How Many Types Of Them

Aside from color, what’s unique about Florida Philodendron Bronze is its foliage shape. Unlike the other Florida Philo cultivated species, the ‘head’ part of this breathtaking plant is elongated and oval-shaped, with golden bronze, golden orange, or reddish-orange color, and red stems.

Philodendron Florida Compacta

Philodendron Florida Compacta
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This exotic ornamental plant produces 5-lobed foliage with milky white green, yellow-green, dark green, or bright green color along with dark green or maroon stems. 

Philodendron Florida Rudolph

Philodendron Florida Rudolph
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When it comes to appearance, Philo Florida Rudolph’s closest look-alike is the Philodendron Florida Bronze. They only differ in color as the Florida Rudolph plant only produces green and glossy foliage with red stems.

Philodendron Florida Juvenile

Philodendron Florida Juvenile

Similar to Philodendron Florida Green, the foliage shape of Philodendron Florida Juvenile will change gradually by the time the plant reaches its mature stage. On most occasions, the foliage part of this rare species of Philodendron Florida may even completely change to be more oval-shaped rather than flying-ghost-shaped or lobed-shaped.

Philodendron Florida Basic Care

Fortunately, taking care of all those Philodendron Florida cultivated species would not make you cry tears of blood! Here’s all you need to know to make them happy plants:

Origin: Tropical and subtropical regions

Growing Zones: 9 to 11

Cold Tolerant: No

Blooming Time: Spring to summer

Light Requirement: Bright but indirect

Soil: Moist, well drainage, good aeration

Best Humidity: Above 60% or more

Watering: Need regular watering, about once a week. Water as much as 1 inch at the first layer of the topsoil 

Fertilizers: Basic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium along with organic fertilizers (optional) during the blooming phase

Pruning and Repotting: Prune all the diseased, infected, old, or dead parts of the plant for 30% maximum to provide more growth and keep the plant in size. Repotting before the blooming time gives more space for younger plants to grow

Garden Landscape: Tropical-themed garden, shades garden, containers, hanging baskets, small space garden

Toxicity Level: Mild to medium, keep away from children, pets, and the elderly. All Florida Philodendron cultivated species contains calcium oxalate that can be harmful if ingested in high amount

Philodendron Florida Uses

Philodendron Florida is commonly used as an indoor decorative plant. Bring them into your house or office to invite more charm and get that striking yet eye-catching scenery by adding Philo Florida Ghost, Mint, or Beauty to your vase. Are you a fan of more tropical-looking plants? The more green counterparts of Florida Philodendron, like Philo Florida Green and Philodendron Florida Rudolph, might help you get that tropical jungle and more natural look! 

Need something elegant that matches well with your modern minimalist or vintage for your living room? The bright and dazzling bronze color of Philo Florida Bronze is there to help! To add, all types of Florida Philodendron can be a flawless gift for your loved ones, more so if they love gardening. Depending on how rare the cultivated species are, availability, season, and where you reside, on average Philodendron Florida will cost you around 30$ to 200$.

Philodendron Florida Alternatives

Although all types of Philodendron Florida are equally impressive and not difficult to take care of, unfortunately, unlike roses, they’re not the type of plant that you can find daily. Therefore, here are some alternatives for Philo Florida types that are easier to find with similar growing requirements, and foremost, they’re just as alluring as the delicate Florida Philodendron.

Burgundy Caladium


Burgundy Caladium is a heavy-shade tolerant ornamental plant that will offer you with their heart-shaped, pink or magenta, green, and white foliage. They make one of the best alternatives for Florida Philodendron because of their stunning foliage color and are also easy to grow.

‘Marble Queen’ Photos


‘Marble Queen’ Photos is a variegated species of Photos with bright green and splash of green-white foliage that sometimes can appear completely green-white. They’re great as hanging basket plants, easy to find, and more friendly for your wallet.

Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’

Philodendron Florida 101: How Many Types Of Them

Remarkable for their half-pink-half dark green foliage with deep dark red stems, Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ might cost you more than the other Philodendron species, but the joy of having this perennial vining plant would be unbeatable!

Philodendron ‘White Knight’

Philodendron ‘White Knight’

If you’re planning to create that mystic-themed garden with ‘all-white’ plants, don’t forget to invite Philodendron ‘White Knight’ to the party. With their true white and dark green foliage, they’re the perfect companion plant for Philodendron Florida Ghost

‘Black Magic’ Elephant’s Ear

Philodendron Florida 101: How Many Types Of Them

Create that spooky scenery for your garden with the massive, raven-black, elephant’s ear-shaped foliage of the ‘Black Magic’ Elephant’s Ear. Nearly all parts of this variegated species of Elephant’s Ear are black. Although they can be brought indoors, it’s better to grow this charming plant outdoors.

Silver Monstera


In contrast to the ‘Black Magic’ Elephant’s Ear, Silver Monstera is the epitome of a small growing space plant that loves thriving in hanging baskets, containers, and pots. They produce elongated arrowhead-shaped foliage with silver or metallic and lush dark green color.

Closing Words

To summarize, Philodendron Florida is an easy-to-maintain decorative indoor plant that comes in various types. They’re favored for their unique flying ghost foliage shape, with Philodendron Florida Ghost, Mint, Beauty, and Green as the most popular cultivated species.

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