Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint Care

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A native to warm tropical regions, Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint has been part of the most outstanding variegated species of the Araceae Family. Maintaining this gorgeous perennial is not a daunting task at all, and they could be such ‘friendly’ companion plants too! Wanna know more? Let’s dive into it!

Philodendron Florida Ghost vs Mint: What’s the Difference?

Philodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint
Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint is generally cultivated for its foliage shape. The shiny foliage of the Florida Ghost Mint resembles a flying ghost with 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head–making this gorgeous beauty very unique in appearance. Although marketed as different plants, Philodendron Florida Ghost and Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint are the same plants. 

The difference is between their foliage color. As they mature, the cultivated color will turn back into their natural color, which is green. The Florida Ghost plant produces milky white or greenish white hue all over its foliage. Meanwhile, the Florida Mint plant has a different tone, with very light green or light lime green. So it’s safe to conclude that the Florida Ghost Mint plant is just a Philodendron Florida Ghost variegated species with different tones.

How Much Does the Florida Ghost Mint Price?

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint Care

Depending on where you live and which marketplace you’re targeting, the average price for the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint in the United States alone ranges from about 30$ to 250$. Beware that although this exotic plant is popular among gardeners, they’re kind of rare, so you might need extra time and energy to get one–but it will be worth it!

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint Care

As with any other Araceae Family, maintaining the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint should not require you to sacrifice a lot of time, money, and energy. They thrive well under similar circumstances as they originated in. The five most essential things you can’t skip when it comes to Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint care are the light, watering, soil, moisture, and temperature requirements. 

Growing Zone

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint originates from tropical, warm temperate areas such as tropical rainforests, regions from zones 9 to 12. Although being naturally a tropical beauty, they can grow easily in almost every growing zone, as long as the five basic keys are well provided.


Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint loves to be placed in areas with bright but indirect sunlight. The perfect way to illustrate this is the east-facing windows. Do not place them directly under sunlight since for a prolonged time, it will become too hot and result in foliage burn. If you’re not sure which points your windows are heading, just placing the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint near the window is also good for their overall health,

Soil Potting Mix

A moist, well-draining, and with good aeration is all your Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint needs. To provide more drainage and aeration for the Florida Ghost Mint, the first thing you wanna do is to buy pots or containers with drainage holes. Coco peat, orchid bark, perlite, sand, and high organic matter soil with a slightly acidic pH are the ‘secret ingredients’ you should add to the Florida Ghost Mint soil mix. 


Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint adores when you water them regularly, but avoid giving them too much water. They prefer moist soil, not too soaky nor too dry. About once a week 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) depth of water is all you need to achieve this goal. To do a test, dip your index finger into the first 2.5 centimeters of topsoil. If it’s too dry, then it’s time for watering. Easy peasy, right?

Temperature and Humidity

Maintaining the perfect temperature might be quite challenging, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere or zones 1 to 6. To mimic their natural habitat, the minimum temperature for Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint must be as low as 18 celsius (64 Fahrenheit) to about 30 celsius (86 Fahrenheit). When it comes to humidity, the higher the humidity level is, the better. Make sure the minimum humidity level for the Florida Ghost Mint is at least 60%.


The best time to feed the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint some fertilizers to boost its growth is during its growth phase, from the early spring to summer. You can use both chemical and organic fertilizers, such as the basic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to crushed eggshells, animal manure, coffee ground, kitchen waste, and citrus peels. As the old tale says, do not over-fertilize, ever.


In addition to their fantastic foliage shape and color, Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint is also easy to propagate. The most common propagation technique that most gardeners use is stem cutting, although water propagation also can be done. Make sure to pick a healthy, disease-free, mature stem with a node.

Repotting and Pruning

Repotting should be done whenever the Florida Ghost Mint has outgrown its original pots or containers, to prevent root binding and give the plant more space to grow. The best time to do repotting is exactly during the growing season. You’ll need new and bigger containers or pots. Move the Florida Ghost Mint plant carefully to their new growing space. 

Even though not necessary, pruning could be a paramount step to keep the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint growing in shape, avoid tangling stems and foliage, as well as to promote new growth. As to giving the Florida Ghost Mint fertilizers, do not over-pruning the plant. Cut back a maximum of 30% portion of the plant. Remove all dead, diseased, and old stems or foliage.

Handling Pests and Diseases

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint Care

Differentiating what causes yellowing and browning leaves, stunted growth, and rotting roots on your Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint could be quite intimidating. It could be a man-made error (e.g. over-watering or over-fertilizing), or caused by the pests, fungi, or bacteria themselves. 

To prevent pests and diseases, the first and foremost thing you’ll need to do is by providing the best growing condition for the Florida Ghost Mint. Always do an extra check before taking the plant home to make sure it’s pests and diseases free. Once the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint gets sick, you have to isolate the plant from its counterparts as soon as possible. Repot the plant, cut back all the diseased parts, and use the help of insecticide, fungicide, rubbing alcohol, neem oil, or pesticide. 

In the worst case, if all the above solutions do not work, it’s best to say goodbye to the Florida Ghost Mint plant and start with a new one.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint Companion Plants and Garden Theme Ideas

With some creativity in mind, you can do much more with the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint than you think! They’re such great plants for almost every landscape theme. As a major criterion, make sure the companion plant for the Florida Ghost Mint is also perennial that requires similar or alike growing conditions. Give them some individual space to grow, do not ‘overcrowd’ your landscape, and you’re set to go!

Precautions: Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint is poisonous and toxic for both humans and pets due to calcium oxalate. The best gardening areas to skip are children-themed gardens and nurseries for the blind and elderly.

Tropical Themed Garden

The dazzling color of bright red, orange and yellow are what you will find in a tropical-themed garden. Flowering tropical plants like the mighty red or deep pink Anthurium, along with colorful pink, white, purple, or yellow hues of the Calla Lily blooms are great to plant near Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint.

Shade Garden

Who says you can’t add some colors to your garden’s shady areas with breathtaking plants? Along with the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint, any other shade-loving plants such as the pink, green, and white foliage of Caladium tricolor, or the heart-shaped Alocasia are flawless for this type of garden.

Hanging Baskets

We all know that Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint can be grown in small areas such as hanging baskets, but what about their plant companion? Well, worry not since the delicate Photos or Devil’s Ivy along with their colorful variegated species are there to accompany the Florida Ghost Mint plant!

Window Box Garden

Window box garden is ideal for those who love gardening but don’t own massive areas such as the backyard or gardening land. To brighten your day, add the Golden ZZ plant, and the brightful neon tone of Photos, or go wild with the mysterious Raven ZZ plant to harmonize with the Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint is just another easy-to-maintain tropical decorative plant. Providing the right light, soil, temperature, watering, and moisture is all you have to do to keep them happy. They produce ‘flying ghost’-shaped, very light green or light lime green foliage that is exquisite for many garden themes such as shade-loving plants gardens and tropical gardens.

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