Shycool Caladium: What is it and how to care?

Shycool caladium is one of the most popular types of caladium, especially in the tropical regions of South East Asia countries. The price of the seedlings alone is quite expensive, let alone the mature plants. This type of caladium is better known as the “Cat Tumpah” or in Indonesian means “spilled paint” caladium due to its distinctive red color.

Here is a more detailed explanation of this caladium.

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Characteristics, Shape, and Color

The characteristic of this decorative caladium is spilled paint-like leaves color. Generally, the color of its leaves is greenish-white with a red “spilled paint” pattern on the tips of the leaves.

This plant may be related to the Florida Clown Caladium since it shares a unique feature with it – the distinct red color on its leaves.

However, the patterns on the leaves are different.

The Florida Clown Caladium has a more intricate pattern of white and green, while the Keladi Shycool has a simpler pattern of green and white with red streaks on the edges.

Both plants are known for their vibrant and eye-catching leaves, making them popular among plant enthusiasts. While the Florida Clown Caladium is a well-known ornamental plant in the United States, the Caladium Shycool is more familiar and cultivated in Indonesia.

Despite the differences in popularity and origin, both plants are rare and prized for their striking appearance.

Planting Method

Before discussing the planting methods of caladiums shycool, it’s important to note that if you are able to obtain seeds or young plants, it can save you time and effort. However, in some cases, it may be difficult to find seeds or plants for sale. In such cases, planting caladium bulbs would be the best option. Whether you decide to plant caladium seeds or bulbs, proper planting techniques and care are crucial for the plant’s healthy growth and development. In this section, we will cover the different methods of planting caladiums Shycool and how to care for them after planting.

  1. Sterilized Soil Media: You can plant Shycool caladium by preparing sterilized soil media, using loose soil and wood chips. Other mixtures that can be used besides wood chips are finely sliced bamboo leaves or burnt rice husks. The sterilization process of the soil media can be done by steaming it in a pot, to kill bacteria and fungi. The ratio of soil media is 1:1. Quality soil media will help the caladium plant avoid various problems that can disrupt its fertility later.
  2. Providing Seedlings: Seedlings can be purchased at flower shops or obtained from other caladium growers. The selected seedling size should be about 6 to 10 cm tall. Choose seedlings with bright leaves and no holes.
  3. Planting in Soil Media: The next step in planting caladium is to put it into the prepared soil media. Make sure the roots are planted well and cover them slowly. Regularly loosen the soil media so that the water absorption process can be optimal.

How to Care for Shycool caladium

Shycool Caladium: What is it and how to care?
  1. Proper Lighting: The lighting for Shycool caladium must be fulfilled well for it to grow lush. You can place it on the terrace of your home as long as the sunlight does not directly hit the plant.
  2. Fertilize: The next way to care for the caladium to grow lush is by providing fertilizer so that its nutrients are fulfilled. The first time to provide fertilizer is at four or five weeks old. You can use organic fertilizers such as shrimp pellets. Fertilizers with 16 amino acids will stimulate caladium growth and become an antibody. You can also use other fertilizers as long as they do not contain a high amount of Nitrogen. Providing too much nitrogen to the caladium can affect the longevity of its red color, possibly causing it to fade more quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to use fertilizers that have a lower amount of nitrogen and instead focus on fertilizers with amino acids to promote growth and strengthen the plant’s immunity.
  3. Pest-Free: Insects are one of the pests that can damage your caladium. The types of caladium that are usually attacked by pests are leaf caterpillars and grasshoppers, which can be identified by the condition of the caladium leaves being either full or not. When these pests are still damaging a small part of the caladium, you can remove them by cleaning the damaged leaves. If the pest condition is already very severe, you can use insecticides to eradicate the pests without leaving any residue. The spraying process can be done regularly every 10 days.
  4. Watering: Water once a day or according to soil conditions. Don’t let it dry out or become waterlogged. The soil moisture level must be maintained so that the caladium can grow lush.

Shycool caladium is a great choice for ornamental plant enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this type of caladium because of its relatively high price. Apply the best planting method so that it can grow lush. You can share it with other ornamental plant enthusiasts to get more information and the best tips on caring for caladium plants.

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