Yellow Chrysanthemum Meaning

In the world of flowers, the yellow chrysanthemum is like the ‘Yin and Yang’ of flowers, as they convey various hidden messages, both can be good and bad. The yellow chrysanthemum meaning has been tied to different feelings and situations. Being an essential part of many cultural traditions, prized for its gorgeous showy blossoms and longevity, what exactly does the yellow chrysanthemum represent?

Yellow Chrysanthemum Symbolism in Relationships – Should You Give One As a Gift?

Yellow Chrysanthemum Meaning
This charming sunny flower is also the epitome of neglected love, sadness, and sorrow

Has been a popular gift for centuries and is noted for its beauty and symbolism, giving flowers is a perfect way to express a wide range of emotions without saying a word. The yellow chrysanthemum meaning is no exception, as they can be seen as positive and negative signs. The bright petals of this part of the Aster Family flower bear the essence of joy, friendship, fortune, and celebration. In some cultures, giving yellow chrysanthemums is an act to say thank you or to show your gratitude towards a particular person. It could be your family, partner, friend, colleague, or even your neighbor who lives next door.

As happy as it might seem, the yellow chrysanthemum meaning is not just about rainbows and sunshine. This charming sunny flower is also the epitome of neglected love, sadness, and sorrow. It’s believed that if you receive a yellow chrysanthemum, the sender might also be feeling sad about your progress in life, or is feeling jealous of your partner. Furthermore, the yellow chrysanthemum is also famous for being a flawless friendship plant, where on some occasions, it’s perfectly okay to give a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums to celebrate your friendship anniversary.

We all know life is full of hello and goodbye. Celebrating a last meeting with your friends or colleagues doesn’t have to be a sad memory, as long as there’s some sparkle of yellow chrysanthemums! In terms of friendship, it’s safe to say that the yellow chrysanthemum is the ultimate flower for your bestie. For ‘goodbye flower’, yellow chrysanthemum symbolism implies a wish for long-lasting friendship, prosperity for your friends, a successful life journey, and wishing for good health. 

How Do Different Countries See Yellow Chrysanthemums?

Yellow Chrysanthemum Meaning

Often used to convey a wide range of sentiments and notable for its closeness to human’s daily life, it’s no wonder why yellow chrysanthemums have numerous meanings depending on which countries we’re talking about. In China, the yellow chrysanthemum meaning is highly correlated to wealth and prosperity. It’s a good and respected act to give yellow chrysanthemums as a gift, especially during the Chinese New Year celebration. It’s believed that these brightly colored flowers will attract luck, both for the sender and the receiver.

Furthermore, in Chinese culture, the yellow chrysanthemum, along with bamboo, orchid, and plum, is part of ‘the Four Gentlemen’, an important basis and part of Chinese culture art, favored for their characters and beauty. In Chinese art, the yellow chrysanthemums are seen as the symbol of toughness during misfortunes. The way Chinese culture appreciates yellow chrysanthemums is described flawlessly in this flower’s growing habit itself, where yellow chrysanthemums easily thrive in broad growing conditions. 

In Japan, the yellow chrysanthemum meaning is not that different from the way Chinese culture sees it. Not only does the yellow chrysanthemum indicate good fortune, but it’s also a symbol of the sun and the light, as well as a wish for immortality and a happy afterlife. Yellow chrysanthemums have a special place in every Japanese heart, as this sacred flower is celebrated annually on September 9th, known as Kiku no Sekku’ or Day of Chrysanthemums. On this ancient national holiday, not only are yellow chrysanthemums used for decorations but they are also made as liquor and as an earthy and herb-scented fragrance.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, the yellow chrysanthemum meaning is associated with sympathy and grief of a loss, as well as dazzling flowers that bring good fortune and happiness. It’s also easy to see a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums, usually arranged along with its white cousins, during the national Memorial Day. Meanwhile in Ireland, if someone gives you a yellow chrysanthemum, it means that they want to form a good friendship with you!

Yellow Chrysanthemums: Flowers That ‘Befriends’ Death

Yellow Chrysanthemum Meaning

Throughout human history, flowers have been a crucial part of funeral practices and as a symbol of mourning, and the dainty yellow chrysanthemums are not an exception. While yellow chrysanthemums are often associated with happiness, good fortune, beauty, and friendship, this perennial flowering plant serves as a reminder of how close our life is to dying.

From Memorial Day in the United States alone, it’s easy to see why the yellow chrysanthemum meaning is correlated to death and grief. First, rather than a sweet scent, yellow chrysanthemums are blessed with herb-scent, an aroma that is neutral as well as could help the deceased family relax a bit for such mourning time. Second, yellow chrysanthemums are showy and make good flower arrangements for funerals that are often paired with lilies, carnations, roses, orchids, daffodils, and many other flowers with similar messages.

Most importantly, the yellow chrysanthemum means death which even gives this flower the nickname of ‘Bloom for the Dead’, which can be seen from many cultural aspects. In some European countries, it’s common to see white and yellow chrysanthemums placed on graves in times of grieving. In Italy, giving a bouquet of chrysanthemums, no matter what the color is, is seen as an unpleasurable act and should be avoided, whether you’re going to a close friend’s house or to give as an occasional guest–as this flower is heavily linked to death.

The French think of this ‘Flower of Death’ the same way as the Italians. If you’re planning to live in France, do not expect yellow chrysanthemum as well as any other color of chrysanthemum on your neighbor’s doorstep. It’s also prohibited to thank someone with a yellow chrysanthemum, as they symbolize death and bad luck. But it doesn’t mean that yellow chrysanthemums are banned in these countries. You only have to understand when to and not to give them as a gift.

Wrapping Up: What Is Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning?

To wrap things up, the yellow chrysanthemum meaning could be both fascinating and sorrowful, with different interpretations across contexts and cultures. Although the sunny color of the yellow chrysanthemum reminds us of happiness and good luck, it also represents mourning and grief in certain countries and cultures. Still, the yellow chrysanthemum surely continues to be a favorable and beloved flower for years to come.

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