Yellow Rose Meaning in A Relationship

The yellow rose is the classic timeless beauty that has captured people’s hearts for centuries. The bright hue of the yellow rose is believed to bring happiness to the recipient, but do you know that the yellow rose meaning in a relationship is far greater than just positive emotions? In this section, we’ll let you know the significance of yellow roses on various occasions. Let’s take a look!

Significance of Yellow Roses in Romantic Relationships

Yellow Roses meaning in Romantic

Yellow roses were first discovered in warm temperate areas such as Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Ever since brought back by Europeans to their home countries, yellow roses had grown popular among plant lovers as this plant was still a rare botanical jewel at the time. In terms of romantic relationships, yellow roses have different meanings depending on the context, so it’s not just about love and joy. 

During the Victorian Era, giving yellow roses to someone implies jealousy. Meanwhile in early Korean and Japanese culture, the yellow rose meaning in a relationship is not good either, as it bears the same representation of jealousy or as a way of reminding the recipient that the sender only wants to be friends–implicitly depicting someone getting ‘friend zoned’. 

Aside from being jealous, when someone gives or buys yellow roses for their partner, it’s also suggested that their relationship is on the brink of divorce and the particular person is feeling unsafe or unhappy with their relationship. In the language of flowers, although yellow roses are generally not seen as flowers that symbolize romantic and passionate love, bringing a bouquet of yellow roses could still be a great idea. Since they also implicitly imply appreciation and support, this could be an indirect way to say so towards your partner. Just like two sides of a coin, the yellow rose meaning in a relationship carries both the good and bad.

Yellow Rose Meaning in Friendship

rose from a friend

If yellow roses implicitly hinted at both negative and positive meanings in romantic relationships, what do yellow roses signify in terms of friendship? Although there are no exact historical records about when exactly yellow roses were given out as gifts to celebrate friendship, overall, the significance of yellow roses for friendship conveys a positive energy. After all, yellow roses are also known as one of the ‘friendship forever’ flowers

A yellow rose is the epitome of true friendship. Giving a bouquet of yellow roses, or even just a single yellow rose stalk, is a perfect way to indirectly say your wish for a long-lasting friendship. As yellow roses also carry the meaning of happiness, offering a yellow rose to your friend can also be an implicit way to say how happy you are with the friendship. To add, other positive feelings that have been associated with yellow roses include kindness, warmth, affection, and caring. It’s safe to say that regarding friendship, the yellow rose meaning in a relationship conveys such a beautiful meaning. 

Yellow Rose Meaning: Spiritual

yellow roses on focus with the church on the background

People mostly talk only about the yellow rose meaning in relationships, but what do these cheerful flowers represent in the world of spirituality? For Christians, roses, regardless of their color, imply a broad spectrum of meanings. Yellow roses specifically carry the symbolism of wisdom and happiness because of the presence of the Holy Trinity. During Easter and Passover, yellow roses are often used as part of the flower arrangements, along with yellow lilies, tulips, and daisies, to indicate this meaning. 

Yellow Rose Meaning: Death

yellow rose on focus with a graveyard on the background

Funeral flowers are not just chrysanthemums, lilies, white hydrangeas, and white roses. Despite their bright hues, at a funeral, yellow roses can be given to honor the dead, and also as a symbol of comfort and sincere hope for the family. In reference to the yellow rose meaning in a relationship, offering a yellow rose as a last gift for your deceased friend could also be a symbol of deep connection that can not be broken even after death.

When Is The Best Time To Give Yellow Roses To Your Partner?

The Best Time To Give Yellow Roses To Your Partner

Deciding which time and to what occasion you’d want to give a bouquet of yellow roses to your partner is truly crucial, especially if the flowers are directly sent to a romantic partner. It’s never a good idea to give a bouquet of yellow roses amid conflict with your partner, as they could misinterpret this act as a way to symbolize jealousy, betrayal, or even wrath. 

Nonetheless, giving out yellow roses as a birthday gift, or to congratulate your partner on their new achievement in life or career, can be a great idea. As stated before, yellow roses are a symbol of happiness and joy due to their bright blossoms, and giving this flowering plant to congratulate someone can be a thoughtful and appropriate gesture to show your wishes and support. To add ‘more happiness’, adding some sunflowers, yellow lilies, daffodils, and yellow tulips could be a consideration as well. 

If giving out yellow roses is not an intention for jealousy or any other negative feeling, we recommend adding some flowers that are heavily associated with love like red roses, soft pink camellias, and the eye-catching blue forget-me-nots. This way, you could still give yellow roses to your partner without having to worry about the negative emotions that the flower implies. The yellow rose meaning in a relationship is like a double-edged sword, it could help you strengthen or even break it.

Wrapping Up: What Do Yellow Roses Represent?

To conclude, the yellow rose meaning in a relationship varies for each type of relationship. Although their bright and sunny hue can be a symbol of jealousy and a feeling of betrayal, yellow roses are also associated with happiness, caring, and optimism–making this gorgeous flower good to celebrate someone’s special occasion or achievement. Whether given out as a bouquet, vase flower, or even just a single stem, you surely could bring a smile to the person who receives it. To add, understanding the yellow rose meaning in a relationship could save you a lot from unwanted misunderstanding.

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