Yellow Carnation Meaning

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Yellow carnation is a vibrant and cheerful flower that carries a special significance across the globe. From friendship to rejection, the yellow carnation meaning is rich and deserved, making the flower a symbol that can evoke a range of emotions and express different sentiments. In this article, we’ll let you know what is the yellow carnation flower meaning and when is the best time to give and not to give them to your loved ones, so keep reading!

Yellow Carnation Symbolism in Different Types of Relationships

Yellow Carnation meaning

Relationships come in many forms and make a great impact on our social lives. Most of the time, giving flowers as a gift is a perfect way to indirectly express our feelings towards certain relationship settings. One of those popular flowers to give as a gift is the delicate yellow carnation. Whether it’s romantic relationships, familial relationships, friendships, to professional relationships, below is the ultimate yellow carnation meaning to give you an idea about how to express your emotions by using this easy-to-grow flower.

In romantic settings

Yellow Carnation meaning in romantic relationship

Similar to yellow roses, the yellow carnation meaning in terms of romantic relationships carries both positive and negative connotations. In some cultures, yellow carnations are seen as flowers with not-so-happy intentions as it represents disappointment towards someone’s relationship, as well as the symbol of bitter rejection. 

As such, giving yellow carnations is sometimes avoided in proposal parties and alternatives like red roses, azaleas, cherry blossoms, and red carnations are more desirable. On the other side, the yellow carnation symbolism could also be about feeling guilty. Giving a bouquet or even a single stem of yellow carnation to your loved ones can be seen as an act of asking for an apology. It’s also seen that you feel responsible after making a certain mistake.

To express a joyful friendship

As bright as their petals, the yellow carnation meaning that tied with friendship is all about happiness, caring for each other, support, and joy. The dazzling yellow color of carnations, as well as any other yellow-colored flowers, has been heavily associated with the true companionship and strong bond that exists between best friends. It’s a wise and perfect idea to give yellow carnations as a birthday bouquet to help remind your friends how much you cherished all the time you’ve spent together!

To express gratitude towards family members

Yellow Carnation meaning for family members

Love towards family members, especially parents, is unconditional and should be celebrated regularly. A celebration doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, just giving your family members a bouquet of yellow carnations could mean a lot to them. In the language of flowers, the yellow carnation meaning is about expressing your gratitude towards mothers and wishing them good luck. 

Furthermore, yellow carnations make a flawless present for Father’s Day of their bright and showy blossoms. In addition to gratitude, a bouquet or a vase of yellow carnations is also a symbol of ‘get well soon flowers’, plus, all kinds of carnations, no matter what the color is, are safe for people with allergies.

In formal settings 

Light up your office room or celebrate the success of colleagues for their new promotions or achievements using yellow carnation flower arrangements. Incorporate the yellow carnation meaning of good luck and cheerfulness by displaying their blooms. A vase of yellow carnations along with white roses, purple orchids, and shining orange birds-of-paradise could never go wrong to be given as a gift that admires teachers’ hard work on Teacher’s Day.

Yellow Carnation Flower Meaning Across Different Cultures

The cultural significance of yellow carnations differs in every country. Some may see the beautiful flowers as a symbol of luck, while some may just see them simply as eye-catching ornamental flowers. In China, this flower is commonly used to celebrate Mother’s Day, as the yellow carnation meaning in Chinese culture is associated with motherly love and kindness.

In Japan, yellow carnations or ‘kaneshon’ are a symbol of sweet love that can be given to a romantic partner, family, friends, or any significant other. In Judaism and Christianity, yellow carnations are the symbol of sacrifice and mourning, as it’s believed that yellow carnations were the first flowers that grew as Mary wept Jesus’ sacrifice when he carried his cross during the crucifixion. 

As ‘strong’ flowering plants that have been cultivated for more than 2000 years and hardy in almost every growing zone, the native to Mediterranean yellow carnation meaning is also helps remind you about toughness and how to be adaptable in every difficult condition. The bright color of yellow carnations was also believed to be part of the crowns during the Greek ceremonies.

Furthermore, South Koreans celebrate Parent’s Day, which is held on May 8 annually, using yellow carnations along with other color variations. On this day, South Koreans mostly take a day off and spend time together with their parents and their family. Giving yellow carnations is a symbol of a child’s affection towards their father and mother.

Yellow Carnation For Funerals: Is It Appropriate?

Looking for alternative funeral flowers to show your sympathy and respect for dead loved ones? Along with the well-known white roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies, yellow carnations can also be a great choice to express deep condolences. In funerals, the yellow carnation meaning does not imply happiness but rather indicates hope and comfort. Although yellow carnations may not be the first flowers that come to mind, their bright yellow hue could actually be some sort of comfort and light for the deceased’s family. A funeral flower arrangement made of white roses and yellow carnations can act as a symbol of healing and peace for the family.

Sum Up: What Does Yellow Carnation Represent?

To conclude, the versatile yellow carnation meaning holds different emotions and sentiments. They can be given as gifts to express joy and to wish good luck to certain family members or friends, to help bring light to a mourning deceased’s family, or even to secretly imply disappointment. Consider giving yellow carnations based on the occasions to convey the right message at the right time.

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