Yellow Orchid Meaning

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Yellow orchids are a timeless beauty that has long been admired for their bright color and intriguing appearance. The yellow orchid meaning varies depending on cultural contexts and which occasions it is being used, making this beautiful perennial connotated not only with positive emotions but also with unpleasant feelings. From the historical point of view to weddings and funerals, here is all you need to know about the fancy yellow orchid flower’s meaning.

The History of the Yellow Orchid Across Different Cultures

Yellow Orchid meaning

Yellow orchids have a long history of existence, with some scientists believing they dated back from thousands to millions of years ago. In Greek mythology, the yellow orchid’s meaning is associated with fertility, masculinity, and strength. The scientific name of orchids was derived from the Greek word ‘orkhis’, which means testicle after all, because of the plant’s tuberous roots that share a resemblance to a man’s testicle. 

In Greeks era

During this ancient time, the Greeks used the tuberous roots part of the yellow orchid to determine a child’s sex. A similar tradition of consuming yellow orchids, as well as any other color of orchids, still can be found in today’s modern Greece, where the yellow orchid powder is made into a traditional drink named salepi’ or ‘sahlab.

In the Ancient Chinese era

Meanwhile, during the Ancient Chinese Era, the yellow orchid meaning is not that different from the Ancient Greeks. As a plant that has been cultivated for more than 2000 years ago, the yellow orchid represents not only vitality and fertility, but it was also consumed as a wish to get many children, which was seen as a bearer of good fortune at the time. The popularity of yellow orchids and their counterparts has also captivated the hearts of many Japanese for a long time. 

In Japan

In Japan, the yellow orchid carries the message of good fortune, is believed to attract wealth and good friendship, as well as a magnet for happiness. Because of its scarcity, during ancient Japan, only the royalties could keep any kind of orchid, including the yellow one. Thus, at the time yellow orchids were used to symbolize people with high status. 

In Victorian era

If we move to the Victorian Era, which was from the early 1800s to the early 1900s, yellow orchids were seen as something precious. With the lack of technology, getting a yellow orchid was of course not as easy as this time. The Victorian elites, who were the primary collectors of yellow orchids, had to wait for weeks or even months for the plant to arrive safely in their hands. Therefore, during that time yellow orchid meaning was connotated with wealthy upper-class civilians.

Yellow Orchid Symbolism in Relationships: When to Give One to Express Your Feelings

Yellow Orchid means and symbolism

Yellow orchids have long been a part of popular flowers to express numerous emotions and messages, as they help us to communicate in a non-verbal manner.

In terms of romantic relationships, the gorgeous yellow orchid meaning is associated mainly with joy and love.

The yellow orchid is correlated to joy for its color and unique showy blooms, which remind us of all the things that make us happy in life: the sun, gold, omelet, and even lemons! Giving a bouquet of yellow orchids is the ultimate way to say how happy you are being in a relationship with your partner.

The dainty yellow orchid can be as romantic as roses.

The meaning of yellow orchids can be interpreted as everlasting love, as yellow orchids are hardy perennials that thrive in almost every region, except the Arctic, and will bloom in almost every growing condition.

Not only for romantic settings, but a vase of yellow orchids would also help you to brighten up any family or friends gathering, and is also a flawless addition to adorn more formal meetings. Aside from joy and love, yellow orchids are also believed to attract prosperity and health, as a symbol of good friendship, and as the representation of successful life. 

Yellow Orchids in Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Yellow Orchid means

Although not part of the most common things people see in their dreams, the appearance of yellow orchids in dreams carries numerous types of meanings, depending on the context of the dream.

If you dream about giving a yellow orchid to someone you know, it means that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you that you miss that particular person, as the yellow orchid meaning could be explained as longing for love and an urge to meet significant others that you haven’t seen in a long time. 

If you dream about receiving yellow orchids, either from someone you know or a stranger, it’s a sign of good fortune.

As stated previously, the yellow orchid meaning extends to positive connotations, from happiness, a new light in life, to wisdom, all can be good omens to your life. If you dream about being in a lush, sunny field full of yellow orchids, it could mean that you’re going to have a bright future ahead in your life.

However, if you dream about seeing or receiving wilting and decaying yellow orchids, be prepared as it could be a bad sign for your personal or professional life. It may be your relationship, friendship, or career that needs to be addressed.

Are Yellow Orchids Appropriate for Weddings and Funerals?

Flowers are identical to weddings and funerals, making them a well-known choice for gifts, arrangements, and decoration purposes. But what about yellow orchids? Should you bring them to celebrate someone’s wedding or to mourn someone’s passing?

In general, the yellow orchid bears different meanings depending on the special occasion. A bouquet of these breathtaking edible flowers to bring as a gift for weddings, or simply adding their beauty to the flower arrangements, is considered pleasant. The yellow orchid meaning in wedding events implies a joyous celebration of love, affection, and friendship. Meanwhile, for funerals, yellow orchids are not seen as something joyous. 

The yellow orchid meaning in funerals represents deep sympathy, respect, and a hope for eternal friendship that death could not tear apart. Even though most yellow flowers are linked with death, it would be appropriate to consider the deceased’s family’s cultural and religious beliefs to avoid unwanted misunderstanding.

The Meaning of Yellow Orchids in A Nutshell

The yellow orchid is a charming flower with rich cultural background and messages. To sum things up, the yellow orchid’s meaning can be interpreted as happiness, affection, wishing for good luck, or symbolizing someone’s social status. Overall, the yellow orchid can be appreciated not only for its aesthetic blossoms but also for its important symbolism.

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