Is snake plant bad luck? horrible misinformation about this plant.

I have been researching snake plants for a few weeks now and was shocked when I learned about how much they can do for your home. The snake plant is not only one of the easiest houseplants to grow, but it also sucks toxins from the air in your home. 

But so many people still resemble this plant with bad luck carriers. So is snake plant bad luck?

is snake plant bad luck? is snake plant dangerous? does snake plant bring bad luck?
Image by Jᴜɴ Camμs from Pixabay

The snake plant is not unlucky. This is just a superstition, which states that the snake plant brings bad luck to its owner. The origin of this superstition is unknown. But it is believed that it comes from the form of the leaves, which resemble a snake.

some cultures believe the snake plant is bad luck.

In Japan, it is considered bad luck to have a snake plant in your home. This belief comes from the way its leaves move to gracefully cover the soil around its head but also to cover it like a dead snake.

According to Feng Shui, the snake plant is one of those plants that Feng Shui practitioners consider it unlucky. The premise is that the snake plant spreads poisonous air into the house.

The report suggests that:

“the snake plant has poisonous air, and when you put it in your house, its toxic gas will make you sick and have nightmares.” but of course, it is just another superstition. 

Snake plant is mainly used in place where there is no human activity. The Chinese believe that this plant will bring bad luck if it is placed in the bedroom or near the headboard of the bed. For more than a century, people around China believe that the snake plant is very dangerous and that if you keep it at home your married life will be affected.

The other main reason some cultures believe snake plants are unlucky is that they are poisonous. The leaf is poisonous only if you eat it. But why would you eat a decorative house plant in the first place? as a matter of fact, snake plants can bring a lot of health benefits if you just leave them indoors

The actual benefits of snake plants.

If you are interested in good air purification, the snake plant is definitely worth a try. In fact, it is one of the best air purifier plants for removing formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

First of all, the snake plant is super easy to grow indoors.

The plant grows slowly but you don’t have to take care of it every day. You just need some light, water it occasionally, and will take care of itself. That’s why most people decided to grow this plant in their homes. The plant purifies the air and absorbs pollutants like formaldehyde.

The leaves are big enough to grow enough place for spider spiders. I also love this plant because it is excellent at removing trichloroethylene which is a chemical often found in paint and adhesives.

The plant is toxic to pets so use this as a reminder that your children should not play with the leaves or put them in their mouths. It’s best to place snake plants in the bathroom or bedroom where your children spend most of their time so that they will be safe from the toxic air-purifying plant.

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