Plants that repel mosquitoes but are safe for dogs

Last updated on May 17th, 2023 at 07:33 am

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous pest in the world, responsible for more deaths than any other animal. It’s estimated that malaria alone kills about 600,000 people annually. The WHO estimates 3.2 billion people—half of the planet’s population—are at risk of contracting malaria because they live in areas where mosquitoes thrive and access to preventative measures is limited.

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The plants on this list all have different qualities which will help you get rid of these pesky insects without having to use toxic chemicals or bug spray on your plants!

1. Citronella plants

Citronella plants are a genus of plants from the family Leptospermum that contains citronellal, a compound often used in mosquito repellents. They have been found to be effective at minimizing human-mosquito contact, so they can be placed around your home without worrying about your plants being toxic to your pets.

The plants will work particularly well when placed around a seating area or in the corner of a room to help keep mosquitoes from entering. Citronella plants can grow up to 3 feet tall, so they would make an excellent addition to any porch or decking to prevent mosquitos from getting close enough to attack.

2. Lemon balm plants

This herb often used to make tea or as a garnish for salads and fish dishes, is not only safe for dogs but can also be effective at keeping mosquitoes from biting you! The plants have been found to emit mosquito-repelling chemicals when touched by pests, so this would be a great plant for a garden path or any outdoor area where you think mosquitoes could be able to enter.

In addition, lemon balm plants emit a delicious minty smell which is likely to attract bees and butterflies – but no mosquitos! If you’re looking for plants that repel mosquitoes naturally, this should definitely be one of your first choices.

3. Nasturtium plants

Nasturtium plants are easy-to-grow annual plants that can help prevent mosquitos from entering your home, especially if you keep them near windows or doorways. They emit chemicals that can be smelled by most pests but are completely undetectable to humans.

4. Lavender plants

Lavender plants are not only great for keeping mosquitos away, but they also emit a wonderful fragrance that is sure to make your yard smell delightful! There are several different varieties of lavender plants, so you can pick one that best suits your garden.

5. Lemongrass plants

This plant is another great choice for a mosquito-repelling plant that is safe to grow in your garden and will help to add a bit of variety in light and smell. They’re very hardy plants that can withstand harsh conditions, making them great if you live in a particularly humid area.

6. Rosemary plants

Rosemary plants are another safe choice for plants that repel mosquitoes! They are notoriously hardy plants, able to withstand drought conditions, and have even been used as a type of embalming fluid. This makes them great for areas that do not get much rain or moisture in the soil and will help keep your plants safe from harmful chemicals or pesticides.

7. Basil plants

Last but not least, basil plants are a safe choice for plants that repel mosquitoes! They emit their own oils which can help keep pests away. While basil plants are great for cooking and salads, they may also be used as mosquito-repelling plants in the area around your home!

Those plants can help keep mosquitoes away, and they’re also safe for your pets. They’ll make a great addition to any porch or decking to prevent mosquitos from getting close enough to attack. You should consider planting these 7 natural mosquito-repelling houseplants near windows or doorways in order to minimize human-mosquito contact in your home.

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