DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

The joy of being a plant enthusiast is not just about watching your plants grow, it’s also about nurturing your creativity and turning your garden into a canvas of endless possibilities. In this special section, we’ll let you explore some creative planting ideas–from repurposing home objects to transforming simple materials into stunning plant masterpieces. So without further ado, let’s dig in!

Cool Plant Projects to Elevate Your Gardening Skills

Mason Jar Terrariums

creative planting ideas–Mason Jar Terrariums

Whether it’s open or closed, terrariums made from mason jars can provide you with a breathtaking ecosystem that is easy to make and maintain–even for novice gardeners! Simply gather the pebbles for drainage, activated charcoal to maintain freshness and cleanliness, humus-rich potting soil, and most importantly, your chosen terrarium plants and some miniature to decorate your mini jungle.

Eggshell Seed Starters

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

Yes, you read that right! This beneficial, calcium carbonate-rich food waste is not only good as natural fertilizer but also makes great seed starters. To turn your eggshell into seed starters, first, you need to make a hole on top of the eggshell, large enough for the empty eggshell to be filled with soil and seeds. Once done, place all the eggshell seed starters on a seedling tray or the egg tray. Sit back, relax, and wait until a new plant sprouts.

Book Planter

book planter diy creative planting ideas

Got some old books that are no longer readable? Don’t throw them away! To make this eco-friendly planter, all you need to do is simply craft space on the book using a craft knife. Next, wrap the crafted part using waterproof plastic, fill it with some nutrient-rich soil, and pick your chosen plants to transform the forgotten pages into some living space.

Repurposed Tires

repurpose tire planter

If you’re a gardener that is on a tight budget, repurposing things like tires for the sake of your plants can truly be a lifesaver. Just paint old tires using bright colored paint that is safe for plants and stack them to create a unique-looking tire garden. You can fill each tire with various plants, from succulents to flowering plants, and even vegetables like cabbage! These creative planting ideas surely exude both sustainability and ingenuity. 

Shoe Planter

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

For a more eye-catching look, a planter made from unused and old shoes is a must-try. To try these creative planting ideas, first, you need to drill some holes in the bottom of the shoe for drainage purposes. Next, you can decorate the newly-made shoe planter with vibrant acrylic paint to add more popping color, and of course, don’t forget to plant your choice of plants.

DIY Creative Plant Containers for Houseplants

Vintage Teapot Planters

Vintage Teapot Planters creative planting ideas

Brew up some botanical charm using vintage teapots: cheap, aesthetic, and limited-space-friendly planters! However, the same with shoe planters, you need to drill some drainage holes first using a ceramic drill bit and once done, you’re good to go. Vintage teapot planters are creative planting ideas that combine the elegance of the bygone era with the vibrancy of compact-sized living plants. 

Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

To embark on this creative planting project, you’ll need a shoe organizer with multiple pockets. Once you have the shoe organizer, fill each pocket with nutrient-rich soil and get ready to move to the most exciting part: selecting the perfect plants for your shoe organizer vertical garden. Once finished, hang the shoe organizer in a sunny area or in an area where it meets the basic light requirements for the plants to thrive.

Suitcase Garden

Suitcase Garden planter

With a suitcase garden, it would be easy to get transported to the fun memories of past adventures! To start making these creative plant containers, first, you need to ensure that the suitcase is clean and free from any residual odors. Next, line the bottom of the suitcase with waterproof plastic to protect the water from leaking. Add a layer of pebbles, soil, and an optional layer of mulch to restrain moisture. Consider compact plant varieties that would likely not bother living in such a tiny space.

Wine Bottle Planter

wine bottle planter for creative planting ideas

Did you know that wine bottles are not eco-friendly and demand a huge amount of energy and heat to make? Well, with this sustainable and budget-friendly DIY, you’re not only contributing to Mother Earth but also embracing your creative minds! To add a touch of magic, consider using a wine bottle cutter to create a clean and precise cut, allowing more openings for the plants.

Broken Clay Pot Garden

Broken Clay Pot Garden

Who says broken clay pots are no longer usable? Instead, it’s time to embrace the beauty of imperfections and create a captivating broken clay pot garden! To start, pick the largest piece as the base and layer the broken pot shards to form terraces or steps. Fill the clay pieces with all the essential things your beloved plants need to grow and maintain as usual.

DIY Creative Plant Hangers for Vining and Hanging Plants

Wooden Branch Plant Hanger

Wooden Branch Plant Hanger creative plant project

Start your journey to these creative planting ideas by picking one or more fallen wooden branches or alternatively, you can conveniently buy some online. Use the macrame cord to create the hanger, cut it into your desired length, and tie it securely to the wooden branch while ensuring the cords are evenly spaced. 

Hanging Basket Chandelier

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

This cool plant project is a perfect combination of greenery and light. Start by finding some openwork wire baskets and attach some pendant light kits onto them. Fill the hanging basket chandelier with some plants such as ivy, photos, and ferns. It’s worth noting that you need to be extra careful with these plant hangers, as they’re electricity involved, so make sure to water the plant very thoroughly.

Plastic Bottle Plant Hanger

Plastic Bottle Plant Hanger

Simple but can be very eye-catching and cute: that’s a plastic bottle plant hanger! To give the plastic bottle a new life, start by carefully cutting the bottle in half or making a cut large enough for the plant at the center of each plastic bottle. Attach the cut bottles with colorful cords, which can also be made from the bottle itself, or with some stainless chain so you can hang it later. To add more fun, you can paint the plastic bottle plant hanger with colorful acrylic and even decorate it with a pair of googly eyes.

Macrame Plants Hanger

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

To do these creative planting ideas you need to learn about various macrame knotting techniques. You can try square knots, half knots, or spiral knots, and fortunately, macrame knotting is not difficult to master and there are plenty of free learning resources available on the internet. Once you’re becoming a pro with this newfound skill, you can craft a beautiful and sturdy hanger that will securely hold your hanging plants’ pots. 

Bicycle Wheel Plant Hanger

Bicycle Wheel Plant Hanger creative garden indoors project

It’s time to give your hanging plants some makeover by making new and creative plant hangers from bicycle wheels. After you get the old and cleaned bicycle wheel, begin by attaching ropes or chains to the wheel spokes to create multiple hanging points for your plants. Identical to the repurposed tires DIY project that we mentioned earlier, you can add its aesthetic value by taking advantage of acrylic paint or any plant-safe paint.

DIY Creative Plant Stand for Succulents, Cacti, and Small Houseplants

Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

You don’t need an artistic mind to start these creative planting ideas, as all you need to do is to acquire a wooden ladder, give it a new fresh coat of paint, and voila! You’re basically done. Arrange your succulents, cacti, and compact-sized houseplants on the ladder rungs. Opt for darker colors such as black, white, and dark brown to give a minimalist yet elegant look.

Bookshelf Plant Stand

Bookshelf Plant Stand

Have you ever thought about creating a literary-inspired bookshelf for your succulent collections? To change your bookshelf into a plant stand, just simply arrange the potted plants, ensuring each plant has proper space, and don’t forget to incorporate plant saucers or trays at the bottom of each pot to avoid water damage.

Tiered Cake Stand Plant Stand

Tiered Cake Stand Plant Stand

Implementing creative planting ideas doesn’t always have to hurt your wallet. For as little as 30$, you can elevate your cacti and small houseplants with a charming tiered cake stand. The tiered design allows each plant to bask in the spotlight, turning the simple cake stand into a botanical centerpiece that rejuvenates your living space! Adorn the plant stand with branches at the center or place some gnome statues to give it a chic look.

Staircase Plant Stand

DIY Garden Projects: Creative Planting Ideas

Have an unused staircase at home? Even a broken staircase, with little fixes here and there, can be a valuable stand that displays the beauty of your succulents. To add a more dramatic effect, we suggest using decorative planters or pots that suit your style and incorporating some fairy lights to make the plant stand glow at night.

The Secret to Creative Planting Ideas Lies Beneath Yourself 

With a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of resourcefulness, you can effortlessly embark on exciting and budget-friendly projects that breathe life into your landscape. By using these creative planting ideas as your guide, let’s unleash your inner artist and ignite your green thumb like never before. Happy DIY-ing!

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