Landscaping With Caladiums: All Essential Things You Need To Know

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When it comes to adding a burst of color and unique texture to your landscape, few plants can match the outstanding beauty of caladiums. The process of landscaping with caladiums involves not only selecting and arranging the plants but also determining factors like climate and theme, which could be tricky for gardeners to begin with. In this section, we gather all the paramount ideas for those who love the caladium landscape to create the ultimate caladium heaven. Check it out!

Before You Start: Caladium Landscape Necessities

landscaping with caladium

Aside from the basic landscaping tools such as gloves, shovels, shears, and watering cans, there are some specific fundamental things to keep in mind. From preparing the right growing conditions to as simple as picking the ideal decorative items to match your preferences, these are all you need to know before starting landscaping with caladiums.

Climate and Growing Conditions

Caladiums are one of the most sought-after foliage plants that originate from Central and Southern America. As such, these plants have been long adapted to warm and humid conditions. They perform best in zones 9 to 11 and are not fond of frost and cold. 

Landscaping with caladiums generally should not be complicated, as in nature, these gorgeous plants are easy to take care of. The main principles of caring for caladium in the landscape include providing the soil with good drainage that is moist and high in humus, planting them in areas with partial light, and keeping the temperature warm and in high humidity.

Plant Size

When landscaping with caladiums, the variety you’d pick is just as important as providing them with a good amount of filtered light. When choosing taller caladium varieties, such as Aaron and Freida Hemple, make sure to arrange their placement correctly. To avoid taller varieties overshadowing smaller varieties like Pink Symphony, taller varieties should be placed in the back, followed by smaller varieties in front, to create a layering effect. This trick also applies to companion plants.

Color, Shape, and Texture

The good thing about adding caladium to landscapes is the beauty of color, shape, and texture they offer. Caladium varieties come with numerous options you can opt for, from the ghostly albino Candidum to the fiery Postman Joyner, the ideas for landscaping with this tropical plant are endless. Consider grouping varieties with contrasting colors together or placing them at the center to draw all the attention.

Companion Plants

Although the main goal for landscaping with caladiums is to highlight the beauty of these easy-to-maintain houseplants, incorporating companion plants such as impatiens, ferns, hostas, and begonias is never wrong. Arrange the companion plants based on their size and color to emphasize the caladiums. Keep in mind to always thrive companion plants that share similar or the same growing requirements.

Type of Planters

caladium in landscaping with caladium White Christmas

Most plant enthusiasts perhaps would not pay enough attention to this, but the type of planters, including material and pattern, is just crucial to create a perfect caladium landscape. Planters come in a broad size, color, material, and pattern to pick based on your landscaping theme. If you’d like to create that natural look, try to stick to wood-based planters instead of plastic. Each material has its pros and cons which are also worth considering before getting one.

Monitoring Pests and Diseases

To keep your caladium landscape lush and healthy, monitoring pests and diseases is a must. Do at least regular once-a-month pests and disease check to find if there are any sick, infected, or dying plants. Remove the plants and isolate them as soon as possible to avoid spreading the infections.

Stick To A Regular Pruning and Repotting Schedule

Caladiums are mainly not bushy foliage plants, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be pruned at all. Regular pruning needs to be done to not only keep the plants neat and stay in shape but also to remove diseased and dying parts. Repotting caladiums usually is done about once or twice a year, at the start or during their growing phase, to prevent root rot. This process is also predominant, especially if you’re planning to group several varieties.

Decorative Items

Level up your caladium landscape with some decorative items such as gardening statues, bird baths, wind chimes, and water fountains! Adding these items not only helps create a unique landscape but also a more personalized look that reflects your style and taste.

Get Inspired Now: 10 Landscaping with Caladiums Ideas To Try

Radiant Borders

landscaping border with caladium

Most gardeners landscape with caladiums to create vivid bordering plants to separate one area from another. For choosing caladiums as border plants, it’s highly recommended to pick taller varieties such as Gingerland, White Queen, and Florida Cardinal to make an eye-catching border display.

Shady Garden Bed

shady landscaping with caladium garden bed

The purpose of creating a shady garden bed is to liven up areas with lower light conditions, and caladiums are flawless for that since they love thriving in those areas. To add more color and a pleasing look, try to incorporate other shade-loving plants such as Bleeding Heart and Coral Bells.

Tropical Festival

tropical garden with caladium

One of the main themes of landscaping with caladiums is the exotic tropical scenery. To get the best tropical feeling, pick caladium varieties with orange, salmon, or red foliage, such as Red Flash and Scarlet Flame, and pair them with shade-loving plants that are also suitable for a tropical-themed garden like Colocasias, Anthuriums, and Bird of Paradise.

Calming Zen Garden

zen garden landscaping with caladium

Although not a popular plant choice among zen gardeners, numerous caladium varieties can give the effects of calming and tranquility that zen gardens aim for. Varieties such as Moonlight are suitable to achieve that calming and serene atmosphere.

Go with the Flow

Landscaping With Caladiums: All Essential Things You Need To Know

Caladiums are not supposed to thrive in water as they’re not considered aquatic or semi-aquatic plants, but they could add fantastic scenery to ponds or any water features nearby. Make sure to select varieties that prefer partial to full sun, such as Carolyn Worthon and Pink Beauty, to avoid scorching their delicate foliage.

Flamboyant Hanging Baskets

hanging plants garden

For those with limited area, plants that are adaptable to small growing spaces like hanging baskets are the ultimate life-saver. Landscaping with caladiums that survive in hanging baskets, such as Pink Symphony and Miss Muffet, is generally easy and can be done by gardeners at any level. 

Eye-catching Focal Point

focal point caladium garden

The purpose of the focal point in the caladium landscape is to pick larger varieties with colorful and broad foliage that will stand out from the surrounding plants. Varieties like Freckles and White Christmas are worth considering to help you get this look.

Charming Container Garden

container caladium

When choosing caladium varieties for container landscaping, it’s better to stick to varieties that would likely not spread out. Play with varieties like Florida Sweetheart, Fannie Munson, and Rosebud to achieve a charming display without having to provide a massive growing land.

Alluring Ground Cover

groundcover caladium

It’s possible to directly plant caladiums on the ground and let them thrive as stunning ground covers. Varieties like June Bride and Red Ruffles have low growing habits while also providing a colorful view and adding some texture to the bare ground.

Holiday-themed Display

holiday theme caladium

With many varieties to pick from, it’s not difficult to pick caladiums that match most holidays and special celebrations. For Valentine Day’s try landscaping with caladiums that show pink color such as Pink Symphony. To create unforgettable Christmas memories, use caladium with white and green foliage such as Candidum or White Christmas.

Why Should You Try Landscaping With Caladiums?

To conclude, landscaping with caladiums is a must-try not only because caladiums are mainly easy to maintain, but also provide numerous varieties with different colors, sizes, and textures. These make caladiums versatile houseplants for any landscaping style.

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