Yellow Peony Meaning

It’s Not Just About Look – How The Meaning of Yellow Peony Could Teach Us Something About Life.

Yellow peonies are the classic stunning flowers that are adored for their vibrant hue and ‘friendliness value’ for gardeners, as they’re easy to grow and propagate.

From the Ancient Greek, and the Chinese Dynasty to the present day, the yellow peony meaning has come across various cultures throughout history, mainly resulting in positive concepts and emotions. In this section, we gather all the ultimate things you need to know about this all-time favorite yellow flower. Let’s hop onto the main section!

Yellow Peony Flower Meaning In Relationships

Yellow Peony's meaning

There are many ways to show your affection without spitting a word out, and giving flowers is one of the most ‘old-fashioned’, yet remains on top when it comes to favored gifts to give for significant others. Among the many flowers available, yellow peonies have gained more and more popularity for their meanings and pleasing beauty.  

When given in a romantic relationship context, the yellow peony meaning can be interpreted as the joy of loving and being loved by someone.

Although not prized as much as their red counterparts, a bouquet of yellow peonies still can make a great present to give on any special occasion, like a wedding anniversary, bachelor’s party, or engagement party. More on that, yellow peonies are not just meant for ‘romantic flowers’. 

In terms of friendship, you can congratulate your friends’ new achievements in life and wish them good luck in any aspect of life, as the yellow peony meaning can also be explained as the symbol of closing the old pages to start a new chapter.

Even though in some cultures giving yellow flowers, like the yellow mums, as a guest is seen as an inappropriate act as yellow flowers are linked with death, fortunately, we can’t say the same with yellow peonies.

Unlike their pink cousins, yellow peonies are more difficult to find, so giving them as a present for the house owner could mean a lot. The showy blossoms that create spectacular indoor cut flowers along with their vivid yellow hue can be such a heartwarming gift to welcome any house.

The yellow peony meaning wealth is also believed to attract prosperity and good fortune in any house that planted them. We will explain more about this ‘fortune-magnet’ yellow flower in the next section.

Are there alternatives for yellow peonies with the same color and meaning?

Sometimes you might have a bad day when all the yellow peonies are sold out. But worry not, flowers like yellow ranunculus, yellow roses, and yellow dahlias are just a few flowers with a similar meaning to the yellow peony, which is about good luck, friendship, love, joy, and a celebration of a fresh start of something new.

Yellow Peonies: The Imperial Flowers

Yellow Peony meaning

Yellow peonies have a rich history and cultural significance that dates back centuries, particularly in the context of Imperial China.

During the Tang Dynasty, it’s believed that the first yellow peonies were brought to Luoyang by Empress Wu, instantly making the people of Luoyang fall in love with the yellow flower.

At the time, the yellow peony’s meaning was tied with femininity, elegance, gracefulness, and motherly love.

The yellow peony, as well as any other color variation, was then known as the king of all flowers in China, and the mighty flower has held its throne and nickname even until now.

The significance of the yellow peony as the symbol of wealth, prosperity, and royalty is linked to who enjoyed these blossoms the most in the past. During the Imperial Dynasty Era of China, yellow peonies were mostly grown in the palace hall and enjoyed by the Chinese emperors and their relatives.

The Chinese Dynasty Era arts are living proof of how much the emperors as well as the civilians loved the flowers. Yellow peonies have been immortalized in the form of paintings, porcelain jars, stone pillar support, to decorative ceramic tiles that can be found across the country’s museums.

In the present day, the yellow peony flower meaning is no longer seen as a symbol of social status.

Thanks to revolution and modernization, now anyone can enjoy the beauty of this flower without having to have royal blood. Meanwhile, the beauty of peonies, including the yellow ones, is still highly favored by Chinese people, as now peonies have become the country’s national flower along with plum blossoms.

Popular Yellow Peony Varieties and Their Meanings

In the world of horticulture, yellow peonies are one of the most trendy and cherished varieties of peonies. Famous yellow peony species like the ‘Bartzella-Itoh’ continue to captivate gardeners and plant enthusiasts with their stunning large blooms with layered and ruffled petals.

The yellow Itoh peonies
The yellow Itoh peonies

The yellow Itoh peonies were first cultivated by a Japanese botanist, Toichi Itoh, by the late 1940s. Although at the time, he was underestimated and many people doubted his experiment seeing how difficult it was to hybridize a herbaceous peony, the botanist genius still successfully managed to create the first hybrid yellow peony in history. 

The yellow bartzella peonies
The yellow bartzella peonies

Years later, an American botanist, Roger Anderson, created a cross-sectional hybrid of the yellow Itoh peonies that we now know as the Bartzella peony. From this background history, we can conclude that the yellow peony’s meaning is not just about its physical beauty, but also about the perseverance and hard work that went into creating these stunning blooms. Only if we don’t give up, we can see what life has to offer. 

Yellow Peony as Part of Folks and Culture

Flowers have played a significant role in human life, often linked to myth, folklore, and astrology for thousands of years, and the delicate yellow peony is not an exception. Like the Chinese people, who have adored these showy blooms since the Imperial Era. Yellow peonies are believed to do wonders for one’s house Feng Shui, as it’s associated with luck, prosperity, and honor. 

The yellow peony meaning in Japanese tattoo culture is no less appealing. In general, all peony tattoos are not seen as something that is linked to femininity, but rather about masculinity, power, and prestige. The main yellow and red peonies have been embellished with other traditional Japanese motifs like dragon and samurai warriors, making such stunning and dynamic designs.

It’s Not Just About Look

The extraordinary yellow peony’s meaning extends to many cultures and traditions. Its symbolism of joy, friendship, prosperity, good fortune, and honor has made this sunny yellow bloom a well-known pick for celebrations, gifts, and arrangements. In many ways, the yellow peony reminds us that true beauty is not just skin deep, but rather by nurturing the qualities it represents.

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